Tuesday, December 11, 2007

HOLY MOLY - GUACAMOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You guys LOVE QUIZES!!!! I'm SOSOOOOSOOOSOOSOOOSOOOOOOO excited to announce our winner!! This person has just recently entered our "attic lives" this past Crop*A*Ganza!! The Crop Camp girls introduced us to her, and we've been IN LOVE (!!) every since!!! If you haven't had the chance to meet her, you should make a point to in February!! Michielle Doll!!! She responded within MINUTES of the posting of our quiz with ALL of the correct answers!!!! For those of you that submitted your answers, and there were MANY of you!! Thank you so much for participating!! Okay - since we had such a HUGE success with that quiz - I'm going to give you aNOTHER one!!!!!......but not till later on today - here's a hint for those of you home today with kids out of school due to the weather, so you can get a head start - "It's a Wonderful Life"!!!!!!

Michielle - I've got a lil somethin' somethin' for you at the store!
(I personally think one of our challenges this week should be the first person to bring us HOME BAKED sugar cookies with ICING!!!!.....mom said that would NEVER happen!!!) :)
So, yes we're open today - don't really understand why ALL of the schools are closed - it must be worse out there than it is in Andover!! We're just wet and cold!! So, come in today and get ALL of our BAZZILL cardstock buy ten get FIVE free - that includes regular cardstock, bling cardstock and shaped cardstock!!!!

On a more personal note - I'm SO thankful and appreciative to all of you that have inquired about my father in law!!! Since I'm no longer keeping up with my personal blog - I know that many of you are curious! He's doing FABULOUS!!! He came home last Friday afternoon, and my mother in law has been taking excellent care of him - she even took him CHRISTMAS and FURNITURE shopping yesterday!!! He walked the mall and is feeling "better than he should be"!! I did get the "transmission" over to him and he should be playing it right now as we speak!! IF he enjoys it - he might be getting the Tiger Woods game from Santa!! DH played it for SIXTEEN hours this weekend - and STILL has a sore shoulder from all the bowling and baseball!!! :)

Summer's aweso{ME} class was a blast on Saturday!! She really is a lucky lady!!! Her Birthday was Friday, and her class (led by Alicia) decided to surprise her with a birthday cake (made by Amy!- YUMMY!) and gifts during her class!! She was SUPA surprised!!! I will post a picture here of her face when the cake came out - she really was surprised!! I love that her class took it upon themselves to throw her a nice surprise - that just goes to show the HEART and LOVE of this wonderful hobby!!!

We also had our employee Christmas party - not too much to comment here - we got to finally scrap - the entire crop room to ourselves!! mom and i "shut the place down" around 1:00am!! I do have to say that I really enjoy cropping with my momma - this is something that I always wanted to do when I first began scrapbookin but she didn't have the time then - so it's nice to share this with her!!! We were to all bring a "snack" since we catered in Olive Garden (yummy!), and this was the "snack" that I SLAVED over ALL DAY LONG!! Yes, you MIGHT have seen one similar at Target!!!! Renee made these cute little eye-less snowmen!!!

The boys and I FINALLY made our Advent Calendar a week or so ago!! Thanks to the help of Summer for the idea!! EVERY morning - that is the FIRST thing that they want to do!!! It's made out of matchboxes - there are little gifts tucked inside!! (kord took this photo! not to shabby!)

Hows your holiday coming along?? Gifts bought - wrapped - projects completed?!?! Me neither!!! But, it's GONNA happen!!! I'm off now to get some more purchases made for my MIL (mother in law) - since its hard for her to get away - I'll be doing the rest of her shopping and wrapping - darn!!!! Have a great day and I'll be back with the next Challenge!!!


Summer said...

Johnny just asked if I was blogging??? How cute that he knows what it is or does that tell you I am a little obsessed?? Anyways... The Advent tree turned out super cute!!! Thank you again for the awesome surprise at my awesome class!!! You girls are amazing!! Love you all!!! Ummmm Can I get some of those pics?? I am dying to scrap them since I am stuck in the how with another sick baby.
Looks like you had some yummy goodies for your Party!!! Glad to here you actually got to scrap!! That is awesome!!!

Kim said...

Looks like you all had a great time. Glad to see more news on the blog. You are making the holiday so fun for us stuck away from the store. Have fun shopping and wrapping presents.

Lan said...

The Santa cupcake and snowmen are too cute! Today's quiz is too hard for me, I don't think I"ve ever watched It's a Wonderful LIfe.

happy holidays!

doggiemom said...

So glad your father-in-law is feeling better. That's always a welcome sign for the holidays. Looks like you all had a really good time and really good food to eat for you party.