Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Good evening fellow loyal blog stalkers!! How was your Tuesday!?

We had a FABULOUS Tuesday here at the attic.....lots and lots of bazzill gone!! Krusty - you're gonna have to get a bazzill order together before the holidays sneak up on us!!! :)

Soooooo, our winners so far have been JR (roeder style) and Michielle DOLL FACE!~!!! Who will be next?!! hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.........well, this challenge is ANOTHER quiz - HOWEVER - we will be taking the 12th correct entry!! YES, that means you could enter TWELVE times - but the 12th person to correctly answer these questions will be a winner!! (i'm feeling a little like a radio d.j.!!! Just call me Dancin' Don Hall....does that take anyone back to the KKRD days?!!) okay - so, this one is for my MIL - she LOVES and I MEAN ABSOLUTELY LOVES "It's a Wonderful Life".....we have to watch it AT LEAST FIVE times each year IN ADDITION to each time it's on during the month of December!! I knew ALL of these answers withOUT cheating or google-ing them!! So, good luck!!!!

In "It's a Wonderful Life",

1. what did George dream of becoming?

2. who starred as George Bailey?

3. what two friends share their names with two Sesame Street Characters?

4. what part of George's house is always broken?

5. what kind of spirit is Clarence?

6. what did Clarence receive for accomplishing his mission?

7. how did Clarence cleverly save George's life? (this one is tricky - saved his life the FIRST time!!)

8. who lost $8000.00 ?

okay - now I know that these are not the EASIEST questions - HOWEVER - this is helping to get you in the Christmas spirit - correct? AND it' PROBABLY helping to take your mind off whatever could possibly be stressing you out at this point - correct?? SOOOOOO, good luck!!!

We'll also have a SCRAPBOOKING challenge that will be occurring tomorrow as well, My Renee is working on it right now as we speak for us to post for you tomorrow - so be watching for that!!! This challenge will be due by the end of the 12 days of Christmas sale - so you'll have time to complete it!!

OOOOOOOOOOOHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah - tomorrows SALE is:

Wednesday December 12th
ALL Cats Eye, Stickles and Paint Dabbers
Buy TWO get ONE FREE!!!
this is SURE to be a great day right!! Those of you that haven't tried the cats eyes, stickles or dabbers don't know WHAT you're missin'!!! Nows the time to try them out!!! We've got our selection FILLED to the brim for this sale - so get em while you can!!!
don't forget ALL of our clearance merchandise is an ADDITIONAL 10% off during the sale as well!!!!
We received the new Scrapbookers Almanac in today - and restocked the Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker. Also got the new Koozies and keychains from Two Chicks!! AND the Basic Grey Sanding kit is back too - ALL of these would make PERFECT stocking stuffers!!!!
Have a great day - and I'll be back in the AM with Renee's lo challenge for you!!


Brynn said...

WOW! It's been awhile since I thought of KKRD! Oh yea!

Looking forward to the Scrap challenge-these ROCK!

You're doing great with the blog-keep the good work!