Saturday, December 15, 2007

Let it snow, let it snow, let it SNOW!!! It's really coming down out there!!!! I hope we get TONS of snow - I LOVE the snow - my kiddos love the snow and it's just so pretty!!

Okay - your challenge for the first person to bring us in a Christmas card!!! We love Christmas cards, and wan to add more to our window collection - so bring them in!! The first one in, wins!! BUT, we'd love to have as many as we can get!!!

Saturday - all Adhesive is on sale - buy the dispenser - get the refill 1/2 off or all of our adhesive is 25% off!!! including Xyron!!!

Have a great weekend, be careful out there - and treat yourself to a snow angel!!!


Regina said...

ummmmm You will be getting a card this year and I wish it was today I could bring it but I kinda haven't taken the picture yet! It is soo getting done this weekend out in the snow!!!! I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.....Just like the ones I use to know.... Okay maybe those aren't the words but it works right?!!?!?! And actually I never had a white Christmas as a kid. Ummmm lived in Long Beach kinda had a sunny 80 degree weather Christmas! Okay now I am rambling I have had my morning coffee can you tell! Okay I'm outy (Keri kinda like Possey)! :)~

Summer said...

Umm I am not Regina!!!! That is my Mom!! WTH!!! You are reading above thin who the He!! is that! And what the He!! is she talking about! It's me Summa Time!!! Okay just sooo you know I have never referred to myself as that, it just came out!

Michielle said...

Uhhhhh........I'm confused!!!
Some people might say ALL THE TIME, but I don't understand....the first two blogs!!! Could someone give me a hint??

dk said...

That's one way to get some cards :)))