Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hello my scrapbooking friends!! How is your SHORT week going?? We've been faBulAS dahhling!!!! I (personally) have my Christmas decorations ALL DOWN!! AND PUT AWAY!!! YEAH!!! Now - they're still up at the store - but hopefully will come down before the 1st of the year!!!!

On a personal note - does anyone know where the holy heck summer summa time is?!??! Its not like her to go for FIVE days without updating her blog!! I ALWAYS can count on her to update her blog daily!! WHATS UP!!? Is she out of town?!?! HUH! !?? Anyone?!?!?!

Okay - so we've got the new My Minds Eye Valentines line in the store!! This is the FIRST time for My Minds Eye to be at the attic!! And I'm SOOOOO excited!! I've wanted to carry it forevA!!!! It's gorgeous - if I do say so myself!!! AND - the new For Peeps Sake from Imaginisce - SUPER SUPER CUTE!!! SERIOUSLY CUTE!!! annnnnd.......I'll letcha in on a little secret - I ordered the new DOODLEBUG paper out - Krusty is doing a belly dance as we speak she's so excited!!! ha ha!!!

Did you see how much longer till ganza?!?! PANIC!!! HOLY MOSES!!! But, my job is going to be a little easier this time.......we're not doing our traditional "goodie bags" this time - for several reasons - but we are going to have a SUPER surprise for you all instead!!! I hope everyone likes it!! Christie and I are working hard on it as we speak - so I'll give you a little sneakie peakie later on!!!!

What else - oh - the New Year is quickly approaching!!! And we are SO excited about 2008!! We're sure it will be our best year YET!! We are going to have some changes around the attic - so be watching for those - I'll be sending out a newsletter before the 1st - we will be open on new years eve until 4:00 so come see us!! But we'll be closed on the 1st.......................................beginning on the 2nd - we're opening at 10:00 AM instead of 9:00AM - except for Saturday - we'll still open early on Saturday morning for you EARLY shoppers!!! AND. effective the 2nd - we will no longer be accepting competitors coupons. BUT, have NO FEAR - we will be offering MORE of our own personal coupons!! We're sure you understand. It was A VERY tough decision to make -but it has to be done if we're gonna continue to carry the latest greatest most fabulous products out there!!! So, thank you for your understanding!!!!

On a (very) personal note........I (steff) no longer have a blog - two was just TWO (!) much!! Soooo, I was wanting to start a weight loss wiki..........if you're interested (and yes, I've received several emails from those of you that are interested already) please email me at BEFORE SATURDAY MORNING.......I'm going to get an email together and sent out to you about this in more detail but I want to do it by SATURDAY MORNING!!! So, let me know if you wanna hear more info!!!

On a VERY VERY VERY sad note. A while back we posted an entry asking for prayers and thoughts for our good friend Joyce McIntosh. Her son was ill and needing your prayers. Unfortunately on Christmas Day - he passed away. He was 21. Joyce could use your kind words, prayers and support. If you'd like to send a kind word her way, please email me and I'll get her email address sent to you. Joyce - if you're reading this - we are SO greatly sorry for your loss and can't even begin to understand what you're going through. My heart has been aching for you every since I heard. I hope that if you need ANYTHING - anything at all - you would let us know - there are TONS of us here to help you!! Whether you need a place to escape to- or a shoulder to cry on - we're here for you.


Kim said...

Oh, thank goodness you updated the blog. I was going through withdrawls. Where the heck is Summer? I am shocked she hasn't updated her blog either. At least I got my Attic fix.
Thanks for giving me somethin' to read at work. :)

3divasmommie said...

DOODLEBUG IS IN DA' HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

heather~dawn said...

I'm soooooo excited for My Mind's Eye, I was definitely salivating over here! Woohoo! I'll be seein' ya!

jodie said...

I was starting to wonder if I was the only one going through Summertime withdrawls!! LOL What's UP?? I'm sooo lovin' the new paper!! I'm in need of an 'Attic fix!

aday said...

I miss her too!! I know I suck at mine but my New Years goal is to have an organizational tip once a week so I hope everyone visits me

Summer said...

I'm back!!! Hey guys I have been super busy this past week! But I just updated the blog and I am back on track with life!!! Things have been crazy around here!!! Sooo much going on!!!! I will say I have gotten the January layouts all done!!! I can't wait for you to see them all!!!!! It's amazing how much scrapbooking you can get done in this weather!!!! I don't know about you but the mojo has been flowing!!!!! I think it's all the snow!!!! I've been trying some new techniques for January's class!!! woohoo!!! Are you ready?!?!?! I have been having some Attic withdrawals I NEEEEED to come out!!!! I am ready to get started on February's class ummmmm...... it's a week after January's class and then it's Crop*A*Ganza time baby!!!!!! I can't wait to see what the girls have in store for us!!!?!??!?!! Okay now that I have just blogged on your blog I'm out see you all soon!!!!

doggiemom said...

Can't wait to get into the store. Got a GC for Christmas. Everything has been sooo nuts lately. Want to come see what's new. And of course see the wonderful girls that work there too.

Yami said...

Hey, sure you save me some of that INCREDIBLE Doodlebug paisley paper...that stuff is just BEE-u-ti-FULL!!! I will HAVE to have some of that, k?

Can't wait till I start heading to town more often and can pop in and visit!!