Saturday, December 15, 2007

Happy Happy Sunday!! How many days until Santa comes!?!??!


My kiddos (and me!) are counting down EVERY SINGLE day!! Sometimes we have to remind each other several times throughout the day!!!!

It's definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here!!! The Family Christmas get-togethers have already begun and the kiddos are getting a taste of present-itis!!! I hope EVERYONE is finding time to remember the reason for the season, and reflect on the things that we all have to be thankful for!! I am so happy that we have done this 12 days of Christmas!! It has been SO fun!! Not only to remember back to our childhood days and Christmas songs, but it has also been nice to escape from all the holiday stress and drama of it all and focus on something SIMPLE!!! So, thank you ONCE again for participating in this with us!!! Now, with that being said - GET TO PARTICIPATIN'!!!!!
Our winner for today's challenge (Saturday!) was Tammy Greiving!!! Congratulations!! I loved the CARDS that you made for us - and your kind comments were JUST what I needed!!! Tammy has been a part of this attic dream for a long time!! I, and mom and sarah, have really enjoyed the relationships that we have built through this venture!!! Thank you Tammy for thinking of us!!! Happy Holidays!
Here's your challenge for SUNDAY!! The FIRST person to take a picture of THEMSELVES (not your kiddos- YOU!!) making a snow angel - we have a TAG ALONG cup holder for you!!! YEP - you heard me right - a Chatterbox CUP HOLDER that attaches to your crop table for YOU!!
Get those photos taken!!!! Get out with your kiddos - OR BY YOURSELF!!! - Or with your pets - JUST GET OUT THERE!!
And email them to me at!!!!!
Also - please allow me to have permission to post them on the blog! How fun would that be to have TONS and TONS of photos of ADULT SNOW ANGELS!?!?! OH MY GOODNESSSS how fun!!! Okay- go make an angel - BE FREE!!!! Be a kid again!!!


jodie said...

I love this Christmas challenge!! This is the best one yet...I think I'm going to have to do this in the morning! What Fun!!

*Chelle* said...

I am sooooo emailing you!!! We just did this with the furbabies today!!! I'm just so grateful that Princess was well enough to participate.

I agree with Jodie, these daily funs stuffs are awesome!!!

Merry Christmas, Ladies!!!