Tuesday, December 18, 2007

just to let you know - we still have not had a "weiner"!! LOtS and lOtS of submissions - but not ONE has answered them ALL correctly yet!!!! HURRY HURRY!!!

Tomorrow (Wednesday) our 10th day of Christmas sale ALL Apparel 30% off! (this is the perfect opportunity to get some FUN and UNIQUE scrapbooking appareal for that hard to buy for scrapper!!!)

And - I think we should have a VOTE!! Since Summer, Renee and Kristy ALL have the new Making Memories Carousel........WHO do you think will have it "bling-ed" and "decorated" first?!?!!

Read previous post for your challenge!! I will give it until tomorrow early afternoon to post Wednesday's challenge!!!!


Christie said...

My vote is for Summer. She seems to have the most bling time! :) But Renee was off yesterday, right? So maybe not!