Sunday, September 9, 2007

OH MY GOODNESS!! Have you BEEN outside this morning?!?!?! I got up and ran to Target (the happiest place on the planet!) to get some "choc-oat milk" (as my youngest says!) and some bagels and it is GORGEOUS out there!!! 68 degrees, slight wind - SUNNY!!


Okay - so I have the entire weekend off!! My ONLY goal for myself (not really, but if I achieve only ONE goal - then I feel like I've done really well!) :)......but anyway - my only goal was to get my scrapbook "space" better organized!!! I haven't really unpacked since that was a big task!!! After seeing Lauries TALL table at ganza - we went out the next day and bought me one - so now I can scrapbook STANDING UP!!! IT'S AWESOME!!! I scrapbooked last night for THREE hours and didn't sit down once - my shoulders didn't hurt and my lower back was FINE!! I LOVE IT!!! Anyway - I also got this awesome new PINK file cabinet and PINK scales (initially intended to hold my buttons !! HA!!! so, now they hold all of my journaling spots and 7gypsies tags!!.....which I am allowed to buy NO MORE of!! - I had a TON of those things)! and PINK recipe stand (for my sketches!).......I purged a TON!!! I'm talking like SIX laundry baskets FULL of stuff!! Including some bags/totes!!! But, I'm not showing you that stuff, cuz I'm putting it in our garage sale at the store - end of October!!!!

My hope was to be able to eliminate one clip it up (cuz I have two - full!)......but that didn't happen!! I TRIED!! REALLY TRIED!!! But, I'm not buying ANYMORE until I have ALL of my pictures CAUGHT UP!! I'm only about a year behind so that shouldn't be hard!!! I am also not buying ANYMORE class kits - unless I'm TAKING THE CLASS!! I have kits still in the packages from JULY of 2006!!! HELLO?!?!!
Anyway - my crop space is SMALL!! I'm used to my own entire BEDROOM!!! But, the house that we're living in now (which is temporary) doesn't allow for that to happen - so I have a small corner in our basement!!! But, hey - I can leave my stuff out and not have to worry about tearing it down - so I'm not complaining!!! But, it was AWESOME to scrapbook last night!! I have been itching to do so for a long long time!!! Danica - I FINALLY used the beads that you gave me!!! The layout turned out really cute!!!!

So, I didn't leave the house ALL DAY YESTERDAY!! Didn't even change out of my jammies until I showered at 10:00pm last night!! I LOVE THOSE DAYS!!!! So, needless to say - I didn't make it up to the store to get a look at the new stuff that came in!! Kristy said that ALL of the FANCY PANTS stuff is FLYING off the shelves!! Some of it is already sold out!!!! I'm bummed - b/c I didn't get to see it - but never fear I will be re-ordering it next week!!!

Urban Lily has shipped !!!! YEAH!!!
The new Creative Imaginations (Farm animals) is here!!!
More May Arts ribbon is on the way!!!
The speciality school paper has shipped!!!

We're going to be out tomorrow (Debbie, Sarah and I) Grandma Largen's Kristy and Renee have agreed to run the store while we're away!! Thank you girls!! We love ya!!

I'll be back later on this evening to post your challenge for this week!!! It's gonna be a good one!! I PROMISE!!!


3divasmommie said...

Holy smokes!!! I love that scale! Let me got it at Target?

aday said...

I need a challenge. I have been knitting all day today :)

Yami said...

I'm so excited to see your blog! I've been checking it often. That new layout is awesome!

And, those pink file drawers are too cool!

Need to come in and get some Christmas paper and other goodies soon...can't wait to see what you have for me to play with!!!

thnsw said...

I'm sorry for your families lose. Prays for your family’s safe travel Monday.
Where did you get the pink recipe holder? I’m guessing TARGET. Since I have came to the conclusion that you are the Target Queen. :)

Summer said...

Love your ticker!!!!! And all the Pink goodies!!! I have been sick all day-EEKS!!! I've been wanting to take pictures of all my new pink stuff too!! The tags look good in your scale! Love it all!

JennK said...

do the scales come in other colors than pink? and it's from target the kitchen section?

Brynn said...

HOKEY SMOKES! Did you say garage sale?!?!? Please provide specifics soon-I must mark my calendar and find a sitter-this is serious business! I'll be counting down the days. We TOTALLY scored at the sale Sat. Thanks Jennifer #2!