Thursday, August 21, 2008

here it is!!! the september crop*a*ganza shirt!!! YES, it's GREY!! i personally love a grey shirt!!! the swirls and smiley faces will be (hopefully) a little bigger on the sides (both front and back) they'll be able to tell for sure when they put it on the actual shirt!! this shirt design was inspired by THE QUEEN herself, Heidi Swapp's Creative Escape shirt.....what do ya think?!?!

We are so lucky to have such talented instructors...i know i say that OFTEN - but here's an affirmation of that......Jana's next Toddle Time class is coming up in are some cards she made using the SCRAPS from the paper for the layouts!!! WOW!!! I just love that!!! I wonder what she's gonna do with these beautiful cards!??!?!

What Matters Most has been VERY WELL received!!! Renee's upcoming classes in September titles are: Discovery...I love you....Friendship...and Working for a Living!! Octobers classes will be You Can....Personality....Silence is Nourishing.....and Believe. I LOVE how this class means SO MANY DIFFERENT things to so many different people!!! It's AWESOME!!!

We are off to Maple Memories for the weekend......croppin' till we DROP!!! Have a great weekend everyone!!! (ps - we did get LOADS of boxes today at the store, but honestly there was no time to get to them, mom stayed late and completed the orders, so i'm not sure WHAT came in!!) I do know that Ali Edwards NEW BOOK has shipped and will arrive on the 26th!! Call and reserve your copy today!!! :)

ps - for those of you wondering....oliver is doing great!!! he's resting and recovering nicely!! kristy took VERY good care of him, and i'm SO grateful to her for her help!!! i owe ya girl!!


AugustaKLC said...

Love the shirts!! Can't wait to see them in person!