Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wow! What a crazy couple of weeks we've had....seems like this big ol' drama/sadness cloud is just following us around ya know?? I'm ready for it to go away!!! I've wanted to add something to the blog everyday this past week, but didn't feel that it was the "RIGHT" time - wanted to give some peace and time for Mike......we attended his service yesterday - and I have to say - it was a very NICE and UPBEAT service. He was a VERY talented man, did you know he could paint, knit, crochet, decorate cakes - all in ADDITION to stamping and cardmaking and scrapbooking!!?? We knew how talented he was in the scrapbooking/stamping world - but WOW that man was FULL of talent!! He will be GREATLY and DEARLY missed. But, not forgotten - we are working on a little something for Mike - so be watching for that!

Now - as you probably noticed in the ticker above - ONE week from TODAY - our Crop*A*Ganza June 2008 event registration opens up!! I must say - I'm excited to see how it goes "over"!! With it being in the summer, I'm not sure WHAT to expect - with vacations and family time and all that - but we knew that when we picked the, we'll see!! Hopefully by the time you're reading this you are able to upload the registration form for yourself!!! Print that puppy out and fill it out and have it READY when you come in next week!! Registration opens at 9:00AM - (no exceptions, STEFFANIE!!) :)........I feel so bad when there are people waiting to get in and there I am inside - all warm and cozy - :) We'll be there, ready for you!!! You can fax it to us as well - or mail it in!!.......316-733-4922 fax....po box 757 Andover, KS 67002.......316-733-0029 (BUT, please note that we will be short staffed this weekend, so the phone MAY not be answered as QUICKLY as we'd like!)

We're working with Christie to get SOME SORT of a mock up of a shirt for you to see - we'd like to encourage you to purchase a Shirt this time.......I'll explain more on that in a post later on this week - so be watching for that.

Sarah or I plan to post some more information regarding Summer Ganza BEFORE the registration opens......changes that we'll be making this time and other info - so be watching for that soon as well!!!
I spent ALL night last night (almost 8 hours!) working on orders from CHA!!! Since we were unable to attend b/c of Ganza, there's been LOTS MORE leg work to do to find EXACTLY what we're wanting to order from this show! So, once I make the FINAL decisions - be watching for updates on those sneeks as well!!! Some if it has been ordered and has already shipped - so i'm excited to see it!!! (the girls did a LOT of the work helping me to NARROW down the BEST and GREATEST items for YOU!)

Some new stuff we've received over the last two weeks..........
MORE Ribbon Pull Purses, in FUN colors....more arriving THIS WEEK!!
Restocked the PENGUINS!!

Making Memories 5th Avenue! (this stuff is FLYING off the shelves!! - we haven't had much MM products in the store - so I'm SO excited!! We'll definitely be re-ordering this as it starts to slowly dwindle!)

MAMBI BLING strips!!!

Amy Butler Bags are BACK IN DA HOUSE! (the first one is a NEW one that's coming soon!)

Tag-A-Longs....the BUCKETS that fit inside - we have THEM in stock!!!

I have pre-ordered THESE!! I LOVE mine (all though the new ones are CLEAR!! LOVE that, might have to be getting one of these!) Love to just throw all my necessities in there while I'm cropping - scissors adhesive, etc. - i know JUST where to look instead of picking up all my stuff and search for it!

We are going to be CARRYING PAZZLES VERY SOON!!!

pre-ordered these cute little bags....they come in some FUN colors!! AND some other bags as well!! (as well as the NEW AMM totes!)

Did you know they're coming out with THIS purse in BROWN!! YEAH!


And, I just couldn't resist sharing THESE new DCWV products we have coming!! (some of these stacks, we also have coming OPEN STOCK so you can buy them BY THE SHEET!)

This line - was a MUST for me!! LOVE IT!

Okay - that's all for now - I don't wanna give away ALL of our surprises!!! I was only planning on being on here for 15 minutes - well, it's been TWO HOURS!!! Gotta run!! Be looking for more later!!! I have a HUGE surprise for those of you with SLR cameras too!!! You DO NOT WANNA MISS IT!! Come back tomorrow morning for the PHOTOGRAPHY TIP you're gonna love!! and more information on that too!!


RandaW said...
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RandaW said...

I have to say I am now an "ATTIC CHATTER STALKER". I have checked this thing like 3 times a day now since CAG. I thought I'd place a comment so you know you have another stalker! :) I love all of the new stuff coming in and LOVE the new bags!! TOO CUTE!! And the monkey paper...I love it! I also can not WAIT until CAG June my friends and I are so thankful that you do this for us, you rock!!

Jana Girl said...

How many Amy Butler Bag can one girl own?? I'm already at 2, but that new print is gorgeous!! I saw the MM product Tuesday when I dropped off a layout, went back to get some today, it was practically all gone!! Glad to see you back to the blog!

Tracy (aka: mom2cms) said...

the new stuff looks awesome. Can not wait to get in there and see it in person.
Hey I want one of those buckets for the tag a long, better make it 2, or Liz will kill me. LOL!
Can you hold 2 for me and I'll be in the end of the week for them. Thanks darlin'

heather~dawn said...

YAY! Thanks for the Sneaky Peekys Steff! I can't wait until those clear holders come in!!! I can't wait until next Saturday, I'll be seeing you girlies bright and early!!! Printing it out as we speak...Keep up the good work Girls!

Summer said...

Omgoodness I love the monkey's and the Amy Butler bag!!!! I sooo want it it in the blue!!!

Lan said...

I love MM, was so excited to see you girls carrying the spiral journaling tags, I grabbed two the last time I was in. Can't wait to see what you have for SLR tips.

Christie said...

You will love the pazzles! My friend Klo from Nebraska goes around to all the shows and demos them, and you will not be disappointed! It rocks and cuts chipboard which is awesome. She does the coolest stuff with it--I have been waiting for the bigger one to come out because it will be so neat, and I saw it in Orange County. It is super cool!