Friday, February 1, 2008

MUSIC!! Don't forget the music to listen to while you read our posts this week!! SMELLI KELLI - the first one is for YOU and ROBBIE!!!!

ONE WEEK FROM TONIGHT - WE WILL BE HAVING THE TIME OF OUR LIVES!!.....wait that brings a movie to mind.................."NO ONE PUTS BABY IN THE CORNER!!"......."THIS is my dance space - THIS is your dance space!!!"........(have you figured it out yet?!?!) .................... DIRTY DANCING!!! Mmmmmmm, love me some Patrick Swayze!!!!

Okay - reason for the post - FEBRUARY LOTM is READY FOR YOU!!! And this time we made a few extra since they've been such a HOT item lately!!!! Kristy created this for you - using her FAVORITE line - DOODLEBUG!! You can't tell from this photo but there is also PINK BLING on there as well!!!!


So, we're FINALIZING all of our plans for ganza - things are starting to come together and work their way out!!! I put the finishing touches on your "goodies" today - CAN'T wait to see what cha'll think!!! I'm hoping to be able to post some hints on here later in the week!!! Renee is finishing up your make n takes that you'll use to finish your name badges....Sarah's printing the programs as we speak!!!

OH - this is YOUR reminder if you haven't uploaded and ordered your photos for your page kits - DO IT!!! You only have a few days to play around with shipping times!! If you're like SARAH - you'll be paying a BUTT LOAD on shipping to get them here on time!! PLAN AHEAD!!

I've had a couple of emails about lighting....yes, it's poor!! I know - that AND the temprature are two things that we CANNOT control - so dress properly (ie - sweater or layers to shed if it's warm!)........ANY lamp that you wanna bring will work!! I have an ipod lamp that plays my ipod, yet is a small light that puts out some good light!! I also have an ott lamp that I bring that puts out enough light to cover my work space...we've seen lamps from your hotel rooms be used - FLOOR lamps as well!! So, just whatever lighting you feel will be perfect for YOUR crop space is what I would suggest!!!

Renee and I are having challenges with ourselves - who can bring the LEAST amount to this crop....which means PLANNING!! So, I'll be spending some time this week finishing my page kits and packing a "dry run" to the crop!! I would LOVE to only have to make ONE trip from my car to the crop table!!! To understand more of what I'm saying, and some laughs....visit Jana's blog: JanaGirl!!!!!

Speaking of Jana - her husband ROCKS!!! He recently surprised her with a 2 page layout that he created ALL ON HIS OWN for their 8th year wedding anniversary!! (AND HE REALLY DID A GOOD JOB!!!) To thank us for helping him (which he really did most of the work!) he brought us a "King Cake" to celebrate Mardi Gras!!!! IT WAS DELICIOUS!! AND, he made it HIMSELF!!! Jana - you are ONE lucky girl!!!! THANK YOU GREG!!!

New stuff this week to arrive: Storage Binder for Cuttlebug!!! New Glimmer Mist colors (TONS MORE ON THE WAY!)....we've restocked our DCWV stacks.....MORE AMM totes....Ribbon Pull Purses........We R Memory Keepers LEATHER albums with 4x6 photo storage!!! ArtBin storage cases.....MORE Making Memories Desktop Carousels.......MORE embellishments to go with the PENGUINE paper from Imaginisce!!! Rusty Pickle Corrugated ALPHABETS!!!.......I'm sure theres more -but I'm BRAINDEAD today!!

Ohh - and today we got treated to lunch by Keri!! She brought us HOMEMADE chicken noodles and HOMEMADE MASHED POTATOES - it was DIVINE!! Keri will be cooking ALL of our food for ganza!!! I will post the menu for you later on - so you'll know what we're gonna be eating!!

AND, I have a GReAT RAFFLE donation that we received today from the "PINK BOA" here in Andover!! It's an AWESOME lil boutique that we are IN LOVE with - YOU WILL LOVE WHAT THEY DONATED!! I'll take a picture and post it later!!

OHHHH, Wishblades and Cricut Expressions SHOULD be here BEFORE GANZA!! So, we'll have cricut mats and Wishblade mats at the crop, should you need them!!! (theresa - your cartridge SHOULD be here as well!!!)

I'm off for now - here are some 80's fun stuff for ya to enjoy!!!

OH MY GOODNESS - do you remember reading this magazine!??!

"What choo talkin' bout WILLIS?"
"Wake me UP before you go-go....don't leave me hangin' on like a yo-yo"
Please tell me someone ELSE loved Pee Wee's playhouse on Saturday mornings too!??! (before all the perverse controvery that surrounded him? :( )

Okay - I have to be honest, I wasn't a "headbanger" and didn't LOVE KISS back in the day...however - I've grown to love GENE SIMMONS and his music since watching his reality series, Family Jewels!!! (PLUS - this song is on GUITAR HERO - my new favorite past time!)


Ticey said...

I LOVED 16 and Tiger Beat and any other magazine like that where I could tear out pictures of Jordan Knight (NKOTB) and turn it into wallpaper!!! :-)

laurie:) said...

Simmons is a hoot. Luv the show too. We did a HS Senior skip day to wait in line for General Admission seats at a KISS concert. Not sure why -- wasn't a big hard rock fan either -- the girls just decided we needed to do something wild & crazy.

I am packing and packing -- don't care how much crap I bring -- as always, I will try to par down a bit. LOL

Yami said...


The only desk lamps I have are the kind that hang on the side of the table, like the drink holders in the crop room at the Attic. Will that work????

Scrap*Funattic said...

the lamp might not work jennifer.....i'd bring it and try it out - the lip of the table MIGHT not be tall enoufh for you!?!?!

heather~dawn said...

I am sooo excited my mom and I finally got our Ott lights, they aren't colored pink and blue like I had originally planned on, but that's ohhh-Tay! Anyways, I can't wait to see everybody's posts about their previous Crops, I am DEFINITELY a newbie to Ganza, been to a couple night crops and one CKC, but that's it!

Yami said...

Well, bummer. That's okay...I'll look and see what else we've got around here and see if I can find something that will work. I'm definitely a "good light" kind of gal :)

Oh, and I'll have pics from DS's party yesterday to scrap, too! Woo hoo!!!