Saturday, February 2, 2008

howdy ya'll!! just a short post tonight - sarah and i finished up shopping for the hospitality room today - got some GREAT snacks for ya!!! They are in individual serving sizes - so that's nice!! Don't forget, or if you've never been to ganza - we also will have fresh fruit and veggie trays as well!!! As well as a coffee maker!!

Something I was thinking of today that I forgot one time....don't forget a SPARE light bulb for your lamp IF you're bringing one!! Sometimes in the transport the bulbs can break, or if it's been a while since you changed it out!! So, don't forget!! Also - i know i've said this already - but also remember to bring a power strip or three prong can get a little 3 prong 3 adapter for less than $1.00 at walmart!!

Also - if you don't think you're going to make it into the store before ganza and have stuff being held for you - we'll be bringing that with us as well.....and if you would like to call the store and request certain items - feel free to do that as well!! We aim to please!!!

okay - i don't really have anything else exciting to post - lots of prep work and BUSY times coming up - but I didn't want to leave you guys without a post - COMMENT on your experience with ganza for those that are NEW and have never been - what can they expect?!?!?!


Christie said...

Perhaps I am just a little excited by my amazing discovery earlier today, but I totally watched Pee Wee, and I had to laugh earlier because my dad was listening to BOB and Turning Japanese came on, and Zach was totally rocking out! Getting excited for Ganza...where is everyone??!??? You would think they were watching a big football game or something and were too busy to read your blog. Like, what gives??!?? :) Just kidding!