Thursday, February 7, 2008

Okay - I came through for you!! Here are your SNEEKS!! here is a pic. of the make-n-take that renee and i will have for you at the registration booth if you'd like to make a little robot for your name badge, or just to have as an embellishment for your GANZA layout - cuz we all know you make one!!! Don't forget - we're only going to be having this until supplies run out!! So, get in when the gettin's GOOD!
Here's a sneek of your NEW "goodie bag"!! It's not EXACTLY as I'd hoped but it looks nice!! It will have something GOOD inside for yoU!

Here is just HALF of ALL the GLIMMER MIST we received YESTERDAY!! Poor Kristy was DREAMING of pricing glimmer mist last night!

Here's a picture of the FRONT of your ganza shirt!! LOVE THE FRONT Heather!!!

Here's a pic. of the back!! You haven't SEEN this yet!!! Dawn Hungate (with the help of her SCRUBBY!!!) designed this for us!!! YOU HAVE TO READ THESE "ALBUM" TRACKS!!!! HILARIOUS!!

Okay - that's all the sneeks I have for you NOW!! I'll take pics of the room when we get there and as we're working for you tonight!!! That way you can feel as though you're there working with us!!!
I was thinking of a few things that you might not remember as well!!! Here's a list!!!
Extra camera batteries!!!
Pillow (if you're like me and have to have a SPECIAL pillow to sleep on!)
gum/lipgloss!! (no laughing!)
Medication if you NEED to be medicated throughout the weekened!!
Band-Aides ( I ALWAYS have a run in with my piercer!)
jacket or sweater/sweatshirt
small trashcan
OH - and those white shelves in my photo - I got those at Wal-Mart in the KITCHEN section!!! LOVE THEM!!!
Laurie mentioned bringing 80's photos.....I've got mom pulling some GREAT ONES for us to show!!!


heather~dawn said...

I love the back of the shirt!!! Great job! Wondering about those goodie "things" kinda look like buckets or something!?! I can't wait I woke up this morning and I am sooo giddy! I'll see you in the morning!

Julie said...

Had a blast! Thanks for all your hard work! Can't wait for the next one....Please post a pic soon of the "after" when the room was unpacked with all of our stuff.