Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Nooooooooooooooo............................It cannot be almost March 1st ALREADY!?!?!?! A few things on the June event! We have had some request for the Smaller Banquet Room.....That Banquet Room is not available for June! There for, there are 60 LESS spots available!! So, you know what that means.........Be Sure To Get In on Saturday To Register!!!! Also......Unfortianetly, we are not able to "cook" in the Hospitality room, so, meals are going to be a little different this time! More like they were the first time. I am doing some "meal" research now!! BUT......NO FEAR - We are hopefully working up something with Keri to bring you some of her Sweet Goodies!!!!!!

Get That Registration Printed Off and ready for Saturday morning!!!! We will be here bright and early for you! For those of you who have talked about "Camping Out in the Parking Lot", PLEASE be carefull and stay WARM!!!!!!!!

We are working on having a Mock Shirt available for you to see when you register! Please be sure to consider a shirt this time, as we are donating a portion of the proceeds to a "Special Cause"......More to be announced on that!