Friday, February 29, 2008

GOOD EVENING fellow blog stalkers!!! I'm at the crop, croppin' with my friends and have been gettin' some grief from the croppers (and some other emails!!) - so thought i'd take a minute out to get caught up!!! The above photo was taken tonight with Heathers "MAC" computer!! I WANT ONE SO BAD, so she's letting me play!!! Here is part of our group tonight!! You can see my hand on the left hand side!! HI!!!

okay - so what's been going on around here!?!?! On a personal note, and in my defense, we (rocky and I) have had a sudden death in his family - so we've been pretty much devoting most of our time to his mother this week. So, that is why there was no photo tip!! So, hopefully, i'm BACK!!!

We've been getting TONS of new stuff in!! Both new releases from CHA and NEW items to US!!! So much that I can't think of it all right now as I type (since I've been trying to post this for the last hour!) you'll just have to come in and see it all!! I know we just got the new Flair EASTER line in - and finally got the rest of the new Rusty Pickle St. Patricks day line.....FINALLY!!! I'm remembering seeing the new DCWC stacks in!!

Kristy finalized the Bazzill order today!! YEAH!! Bazzill is coming out with some AWESOME new stuff!! I can't WAIT to see all of it!!!

Okay - so, I sent out a newsletter today - if you didn't get it - go to our website and click on newsletter and you can read our latest newsletter....YES, i know that the first one was NOT legible........that's cuz I used "}" this doesn't read it!! STRANGE!! So, thank you so much to the 15 people that emailed me and let me know!! I really appreciate you lookin' out for me!!! In the newsletter, i mentioned the new Photography class that we're going to start in April.....there WILL be more information coming on that - I've been in contact with Kate (who is teaching the class!) and I'll have more information for you very soon!!!!!! Promise - you will NOT be disappointed!!!! Here's another photo tip to ENTICE you for the PHOTOGRAPHY 101 class!!! (make sure you read our newsletter to understand that this photography class is not JUST for those of you with an SLR camera.........)

One of the easiest way to improve your photography is to use a tripod. If you don’t have one, and you really wanted to get serious about your photo skills, get one. You will be amazed at the improvement in clarity and focus ESPECIALLY in those low light situations – (Can you say Christmas Tree Lights? Or Beautiful sunset?”.) You don’t have to spend a ton of money on one but the models that have the quick connect feature on the tripod head
are great. You will find it less frustrating and easier to use. Just like anything else, the easier it is to use, the more you will use it.

Registration opens up TOMORROW morning for Ganza - don't know WHAT to expect!!! We have 180 seats I'm anxious to see how it goes!?!? We have Jana coming in with BuX to man our phones - that's gonna be FUN!!!!

Speaking of Ganza........we have THREE open spots for Vendors this time!!! IF anyone is interested in vendoring - we'd love to have you!! Email me at and I can get some information to you........I'm also looking for a someone to give pedicures at ganza....anyone know of a GOOD pedicure-ist!?!?!?! Contact me!!!!


Jana Girl said...

Lovin' the photo tips!! I love my tripod, got it pretty cheap at Sam's. I started with one I got at a garage sale for even less!! So start looking at those garage sales this Summer, ladies!