Tuesday, February 26, 2008

okay - before you read on.....make sure you read Sarah's post after this one regarding Ganza!!

Here is your PHOTOGRAPHY tip!!!!
"The number one way to improve your photos - get closer. Think you are close enough? Take a step in towards your subject. Closer, one more step. Yep, now you have it. The more you simplify your photo, the more attention you draw to your subject and the more successful you will be at communicating your message to the viewer. Just like you want to communicate a theme or message in your scrapbook page, you also want to do that with your photographs."

We're working on a lil' somethin' somethin' for ya'll, here at the attic!!!
How about an SLR Photography class!?!? For those of you with an SLR camera......be watching for more information coming VERY QUICKLY on that!!!

ALSO - LOTM comes out on Saturday!! Kelli is working on something GREEN and FUN for ya as we speak!! I'll post pictures of that very soon!!!

We've got a crop coming up on Friday too - still have spots open for that one!! I'm planning on getting caught up on some major croppin that i didn't get done at ganza!!!

okay - tah tah for now - don't forget to read Sarah's post next - got some ganza news in there for ya!!!


heather~dawn said...

AAAAHHHH!!!! I just typed a nice I love this and this and this comment and it disappeared...I hate technology sometimes! Let's see if I can remember it!

2 days?!? I can't wait...well I can wait to stand in the good ol' kansas morning dew but I can't wait for Ganza...I hope everybody loves the shirts!!!

I also can't believe NOBODY has commented about the SLR class, I know my mother is pumped...well maybe not yet but she will be after I get done with her...she really needs to take it!

I am sooo glad I have all my stuff packed from ganza still...doesn't mean I haven't worked on more just went to another crop last week so didn't bother unpacking...but VERY excited about Friday crop...happy dance! I am also bringing a new friend, she is GONNA love it! Do you guys still do the giveaways for the Friday crops?!? Or am I imagining that?!?

Sorry it is sooo long but I apparently have to make up for lost time!