Monday, March 9, 2009


OKay - so YES, this IS a scrapbook-ing based blog - sorta kinda!! seems i seem to make it more and more personal all the time, don't i!! but - that's what makes us a little different - we're just like family!!! :) soooooo, as i'm sure ALL of you have been EXTREMELY worried about my dear, sweet and sexy EDWARD CULLEN.......i have received YET another email with the STRANGEST pictures......thought i'd share them with you!! they are kinda grainy (i'm assuming b/c who EVER had kidnapped him, has access to my facebook page.....) although i don't have the one of "ELVIS" on my facebook...hmmmmmm ROEDER STYLE - are you in on this!??!?

THIS picture hasn't been around for almost TWO years?!?!? who would have this picture still current in their computer!?!??!
Ohhhh, let's keep this one on the "down low" from ROCKY!! he'd be a little hurt if he saw how GOOD edward looked as a member or OUR family!!! :)

my question is - why is this so hard for me to figure out?!? i watch Criminal Minds, CSI miami, Dexter.....i should KNOW who this is!!!....wait - maybe i could call Horatio and HE could come help me!! (i secretly have a nerd crush on horatio cain!!)

Now - donna wunderlich asked me this weekend, WHO is Edward Cullen!?!? It took me a minute to regain conciseness before i could answer her (!) ..... so for those of you that have NO idea who he is - he's the VAMPIRE from the "Twilight" book series!! If you don't know who he is - i'm sure there's a teenage girl in your life that does!! :) ***reminder - the MOVIE comes out at 12:01 on the 21st!! :) you know where i'll be!