Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ahhhhhh CHU!!!

Here i am!! No fear - i am here!!! so - whats been goin on around here!??! welllllll, quite a bit actually!! Renee's working on her SENIOR album in a day!! TWENTY FIVE 2-5 pages in FOUR HOURS!! for only $65.00!! that's less than $3.00 PER PAGE - it doesn't GET much cheaper than that!! If you're working on a senior album, thinking of a senior album, or know of someone who needs to do this - you'd better get signed up NOW!! we've already had several people sign up - and it's SURE to sell out!! So - don't procrastinate ANY LONGER - get signed up!!!! It's absolutely GORGEOUS!! I will post some previews next week, she is phenomenal guys - really!! we are SO lucky to have you renee!!! oh yeah - the date for the class!! Saturday March 28th!!

WWUD!?!?! This is the NEW class that kicks off this saturday at 1:00!!!! WHAT WOULD U DO!??! have you ever wondered exactly how to use a sketch!?!? how to "scrap lift"!!! see a layout that you like - but you can't find that exact paper in the photo!?!?! wanted a title specific to YOUR pictures!?!? Well - that's what this class is all about!!! here's the RAW, nitty gritty, bottom line explanation for the class......we all know that times are tough right now.....there's no way around that - we want you to still be able to do what you love while not breaking the bank!! on top of that - we don't want to order a bunch of stuff to create the layout and then have it sit on the shelf, taking up valuable space for NEW product!! So - to make it easier on YOU, Jana and US - jana had a great idea for this NEW innovative class!!! So - for $12.00 - you can come to the class - we'll supply you with the cardstock to start your pages with and jana will help you to "lift" her sketch!! These sketches ARE jana's!! She has created them for you!!! She will show you "HER" version of the sketch once you arrive to class - and help YOU to modify it to your taste!!! I am SUPER excited about this one!! I (as you know) - have two boys and i find it hard to break out of the USUAL pages that i do for each of them - you can only do so many STARS and BALLS!!! So - i'll be there with you guys - pluggin' right along!!! The good thing about this class is that you can decide at NOON on saturday that you'd like to take the class - you can walk in at 1:00 and join us!! That's the beauty of not having to supply KITS - you get to pick your paper to use!! So - bring your tool kit (trimmer, scissors, adhesive and photos if you have them) and come on over!!! We're gonna have a blast!!!! Jana is SO very talented and i'm SUPER excited to get to USE her up!!

PJ crop!! That's only TWO days away!! We are full for this crop!! however, if you'd like to be on the waiting list - we'll be happy to take your name and number!!! Last time we had SIX no shows - so it's possible that you would get in!!!! Now - i know that there are a few of you that are in groups - we will reserve your seats - BUT YOU HAVE TO CALL ON SATURDAY MORNING and let the girls know!!! We have a class until 3:00. AND - IMPORTANT - *** since Saturday is Daylight Savings.....We will lose an hour - so we are going to start the CROP at 4:00PM!!! So - come on out then!!! Bring your favorite chick flick and we'll play it while you crop, feel free to bring snacks and beverages of your choice - either to share of for yourself - we have a fridge and a microwave that you're welcome to help yourself to!!! Can't wait - hope you're all ready to crop till the sun comes up!!!

Disney Album in a day - the first date is April 4th and this class is full!!! the second disney date is Saturday April 19th, this class WILL fill up - so get signed up when you can!! $50.00 - 15 pages.

Okay - now onto the REAL reason you're reading this!!! SCHTUFF in the store!!! We finally have the Wheatland Elementary paper and diecuts to match!!! Reminisce - LOVE these lines!!:
My Minds Eye is here!!! ALL THREE LINES!! and they are ALL WONDERFUL!! REALLY!! i CANNOT pick one thats my favorite - they are aLLLLLLL great!!! Moxxie "Blessed" line - is great for babys!! soft muted colors, perfect for twins, adoption and siblings! Basic Grey - Marracek is here - Lime Rickey will be here soon!!! Hat's Off - for all those graduation photos!! (renee is using this line in her album!) - More organizational OPTIONS tubs are in - BUTTONS!! ALL the kaiser bling is here!! NEW colors and previous colors are stocked!! Tins and Pails - some great new ribbon!!! And there are some new and fun kits on the kit wall!!!

Speaking of kits - THIS SATURDAY IS OUR MARCH LOTM!! The first saturday of each month - we come out with a $12.00 2 page layout for YOU!! We make a limited number of these kits - so get yours!! You can call ahead and reserve yours today!!! Jana was our "guest" designer for this one!! Using the Fancy Pants Arctic Chill line - titled "Work & Play"!!! I love the simplicity of this!!!

Been wanting to try and see if you're a felt or acrylic lover!!!???? We're makin' it easy for you - we've broken all of the fancy pants felt and acrylic up into individual pieces for you to purchase and try!! You'll soon be addicted!!!

Garage SALE!!! It's coming! The last weekend of April will be our SPRING garage sale! What's a garage sale you ask!?!? it's where local scrapbookers purge their "junk" and you come and find your "treasure"!!! If you're interested in participating - it's $15.00 for your entry - come in or call (missy - i promise to send yours today - I'M SORRY!!) and we'll get you set up! We print out your own labels, you price your stuff and bring it in!! We run the sale SATURDAY thru THURSDAY! You receive 100% store credit!!! It's an awesome way to clear out the old and replenish with the new!!!

Okay - i know you've been DYING to know whats going on with the search and rescue of Edward!!.....well - last night i found in my SPAM these two pictures (along with others!) SOMEONE has edward and won't bring him back!! My husband went to Toys R Us and bought me my very own EDWARD doll to replace my LIFE SIZE man!! He says this doll should help to replace the one that was "dork napped"!! HA HA!!

Whew - that was a MOUTHFULL wasn't it!!! So - hows your thursday!??! if you're here with us in KANSAS - you're probably THRILLED that spring is just around the corner - it's SUNNY and gonna reach a RECORD high of 84 degrees today!!! As some of you know - i am NOT a fan of the warmer weather......i am a MAJOR allergy sufferer and lemme tell ya - i was up most of the night being ATTACKED by whatEVER it is that i'm allergic to!!! Sniff sniff - however - it is gorgeous out there today!!! Those of us in the scrapbook industry (specifically independent retailers) are not a major fan of the warmer weather.....warmer weather means more time spent outside and not scrapbooking - so remember to support your
local retailers during these tough times!! Don't forget to SPRING FORWARD saturday night!!! Thanks for reading - i appreciate ALL of you!!