Thursday, February 19, 2009


Good mornin'!!! How are ya today!!?

So - a couple of updates - we still have two spots open for saturday nights PJ CROP!! this is gonna be SO much fun!!! (we had some cancellations last minute - so those of you that wanted in early on - you can still get in!) There's also a crop tomorrow night - 5:00-midnight!!!

The disney album in a day class is FULL - HOWEVER monica has graciously agreed to teach a second one - so i'll letcha know the date on that as soon as i do!!!

Ganza - i STILL wanna upload some more pictures that i've been sent - trying to decide if i should just set them up in shutterfly and let you all look there - or load them one by one here - dunno?!?! There are some GOOD ONES!!!

New stuff - it's gonna start arriving MONDAY!! :) i'm SO super excited!! I'm not tellin ya what we're ordering - cuz i want it to be a surprise, and unfortunately in this industry - they SAY they'll ship in two weeks - and that COULD turn into two months - so NOT UNTIL IT ARRIVES!! However - i will stay this to you........i was born on an OCTOBER AFTERNOON!!! (i really was!)

OMG - Andover now has a SCOOTERS coffee shop!!! I am SO EXCITED!! This is great news since i just was delivered the very BAD news that we won't be getting a starbux in our new dillons - TRAGIC - however i do like Scooters - so i'm excited!!! It's in our new library down on central - and we're supposed to get ANOTHER one later this year with a drive thru!! :) (it's the little things....and coffee that excite me!)

Jill Chittum sent us the nicest note today - thanking us for passing the donation jar around for her at ganza - she raised nearly $150.00!! ! JILL - just so you know - we sent our donation to the Leukemia/Lymphoma society in your name!! :) CONGRATS - and WAY TO GO!!!

I'm getting super excited about the PJ CROP - taking a nap on Saturday so i can make it all night!!! We are gonna have a blast!!!! Feel free to bring snacks and beverages!!! I'm HOPING rocky can get our dvds to play - he is gonna work on that tomorrow (he doesn't know that yet!). I'm getting our GIVEAWAYS in order - and KRUSTY - you'd better be ready to CROP ALL NIGHT WITH ME - and dana - you back out - your a GONNER!! :) ha ha!!!

Oh - GARAGE SALE!!! We're accepting sign ups now for that!! The APRIL Garage sale will be April 25th-30th!!! If you're interested - give us a call and we'll explain it all to you!!! I'll also post more details on here soon!!! OKay - that's it for now - (epson ink is back in stock!) - peace out! have a great day!