Thursday, February 5, 2009


i woke up this morning to an email from a certain SOMEONE!....(i get email updates from my facebook account on my blackberry) at 5:30 AM....that's IN THE MORNING!!! saying how she couldn't sleep she was so excited about ganza....i sat STRAIGHT up in bed and was panicked - thinking it was FRIDAY!! Why was i home in my own bed? why don't i remember setting up ANY of the crop room - why does it NOT feel like friday......then reality set in and i realized it WAS in fact thursday - man, i've really got myself psyched up for this one for some reason!! i just pray that everything goes off with minimal hiccups!!! (hell - we're all women - there are GONNA be some hiccups!!)

Anyway - as i type this post - i'm also baking homemade chocolate chip cookies for you ganza go-ers when you check in!!

Renee spent some of the day yesterday making our posters for "sweet escape"
- brace yourself - this is her SERIOUS face.....

ohhh - good times!! :) anyway - so last night Krusty and her girls came up to pack us up for the booth - good times again!!! they really were a big help!!! it'll be interesting to see what all we brought......:) here's the youngest PINK POWER-RANGER "snella" helping to pack the flowers, bling and buttons!!!And what would an "attic" family event be without the DOGS!! :)

okay - so yesterday sarah and i purchased ALL the snacks and sodie pops for the shindig......WOW!! that's quite a job!! in the past, we've had rocky or dad to help - but nope - we're "big girls" now - we can do this alllll by ourselves!! HA! you shoulda seen the van truckin down the highway.....sing it with me .... L O W R I D E R!!!! ha!! :) (i think i've gone nutty!) anyway - since SARAH had a hand in picking out the snacks this time - NUTTERBUTTERS ARE BACK!! and lemme tell ya - she SNUCK THOSE BAD BOYS IN THE CART!!!!! arrghhh!!! but no worries, all my healthy friends out there - pretzels, baked chips - ummmmmmm gardettos - mini candy bars....:) oh hell - it's the WEEKEND!!!! So, it's good to have all that it's just BOOKWORK and last minute itty bitty details - then we're off at noon to the big BW to get prepared!! Rocky's on NIGHTS again - so he's gotta get to work tonight - so we gotta utilize his SKILLS as much as possible!!!

I'm going to get the newsletter finalized and sent out in the next hour or so.....between be looking for that.......and FINALLY - here's the post you've been waiting for!!! For all of you MAPLE MEMORIES FANS out there.....Shannon is going to be AT GANZA!! so - here's what she's offering for all GANZA GO-ERS!!! (this offer is ONLY good thru this weekend) i'm posting it here hoping to give you a jump on your weekend for planning purposes!!! If you've never been to MM - this is the time to try it out - it is absolutely WONDERFUL!! totally different from a crop weekend like ganza.....quite - relaxed - peaceful - ahhhhh just wonderful!!! NOT THAT WE DON'T ENJOY AND DESERVE THE CRAZY GANZA WEEKENDS!!!

Maple Memories has a GANZA SPECIAL!!!! It's ONLY being offered to those attending Crop-a-Ganza!!!! Are you ready to plan your next scrapbooking weekend getaway!? Start calling your friends NOW because this is a ONE TIME ONLY special that you don't want to miss out on!! Book a weekend at Maple Memories and get a FREE NIGHT added on (Thurs or Sun)!! Just think...24 more hours of scrapbooking for FREE!!! With 12 people, that's 4 DAYS and 3 NIGHTS for $100 a person!!! So talk to your friends, pick a date, and contact Shannon (620-480-1357) sometime over the Ganza weekend (Feb 6th - 8th) to get in on this offer. When the weekend is over, so is the offer. Check out available weekends at ...this offer is NOT valid on already booked weekends...and you can meet up with shannon at ganza if you'd rather!!!

give it some time - think about it and get your weekend booked SOMETIME THIS YEAR!!! this is a great offer and we are SO thankful to her for passing it on to us GANZA-GOERS!!!