Thursday, April 2, 2009

Last call!

okay ladies.....last call - if you're wanting us to bring anything special for you to crop camp - let us know by 6:00pm.....i'm not going to be brining any of the LOTM's with us unless you've requested it!! so if you're wanting one - let me know!! okay - so i've been busy getting out alllll the new paper we've received this week - lots of new stuff for holidays, halloween, easter, birthday, baby, wedding - more is arriving on monday!!

ganza registration opens on SATURDAY!! i will be back here at the store to take CALLS that come in from you!! So - if you wanna call and register over the phone you can do that as well!! Krusty and renee will be here for the face to face part!!!

i want to thank the girls SO much for all that they do for us!! Kristy comes up at night before crops to pack us up!! (she's the QUEEN of knowing what you want at crops!)..she was up here until midnight last night!! THANK YOU!! Renee holds down the fort (with the help of kristy!) and we KNOW that EVERYTHING is safe and secure with them!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH GIRLS, we really do love and appreciate you!!!!

Disney class - Saturday - be ready! It's gonna be a FUN and INTENSE four hours!!!