Friday, January 2, 2009

a lil somethin'!

okay - so i've been PLAYIN' with my mac!!! (in love!) and wanted to just put together a few pictures over the last year (those that i have left, since my laptop crashed!!!) - anyway - here ya go!!! enjoy!!! LAUGH!!! REMEMBER!!! RELIVE!!! (i love the song!!).....soooo it's not playing the song for some reason....but it's the "ting tings" that's not my name!! love that song!!

Okay - so i've sent out an email - if you didn't get it - click HERE - there have been quite a few "bounces" from email's lately!!!

ps - a lil' somethin for you bloggers - the next ganza dates!!! :: august 28, 29 and 30!! save the date!! registration will open up April 4th!! That's a Saturday!! :)