Saturday, January 24, 2009

have you given up on me??!!

i know -i know - i don't have an excuses - (really i do, but i personally hate it when people give them to me - so i'll spare you!)

mom and i are in Topeka, at the Diva Designs crop this weekend (our first time!) we are vendoring!! She's working on kits for the store and a birthday gift for my niece and me.....well - i'm working on GANZA stuff!! AND CLEANING OUT MY INBOX - returning emails and shopping for CHA!! :) sooooo - i am PROMISING YOU THAT YOU WILL BE GETTING AN UPDATE VERY SOON!!!

i worked all week long on the store - re-merchandising - wait - i should say this - SARAH and I WORKED ON THE STORE!! this is the fastest the stores' ever been "overhauled" - FIVE DAYS!!! just smyers and me!! :) so - you'll have to come in and look around.....clean and organized - ONCE again!!!

The girls are back runnin' the store and we're very thankful for that!!! so - i'm 'peacin' out' - gonna get back to work - but wanted to jump on here and BEG for your forgiveness!!!! Did you know you can receive "updates" when i update the blog???? click on the RSS feed in the top address bar of the blog and it will guide you the rest of the way! Pretty cool - it helps to keep you updated when all of your favorite blogs are updated - so you don't have to waste the time being let down when you click on OURS and see the SAME OLD POST!!! :)