Sunday, January 25, 2009

Back on track!

Okay - so, i've been working on my TWO page "to do" list this weekend!! And, i've JUST flipped to the second page!! yeah me!!! Mom and I vendored at our first DIVA DESIGNS crop!! We had such a good time!! It's so nice to meet so many wonderful women with the same interests and hobbies, ya know!! And there just aren't any nicer women out there, than scrapbookers!!! Thank you Diva ladies for having us!! We'll be seeing you again soon! less than 2 weeks at GANZA!!

- so, trying to get back on track for blogging for ya - let's get a run down of things that have been 'goin's on"!!! (yes i meant to say goins!!)

**We now are carrying the Elmers 3-fold presentation boards!! So, for those of you doing Senior boards, or retirement boards, birthday boards or even memorial boards.....we now have them, so you don't have to drive all over town looking for them!!! We have them in black, white and blue!!!

**Do you like to use LARGER photos on your scrapbook pages? Are you a digi cropper that hasn't invested in a 12x12 printer? WE offer 12x12 lazer printing!! You can email me a jpeg, bring in your jump drive or a cd, and i'll upload it and print it off for you!! We charge by the SHEET - so if you want, you can print multiple photos on one page!!! This applies if you're attending a crop as well!! So - give that some thought next time you're considering those things!! We also carry the EPSON ink for the R1400, R1800 and well as photo paper! OUR PRICES ARE VERY COMPARABLE!! So - check THAT out next time you're stocking up!

**Sarah and I have been HARD at it this last week!! NO WORRIES, things aren't TOTALLY moved around - just a FRESH, CLEAN and Re-ORGANIZED feel to it!!! THIS means we had to dump a BUNCH of stuff into the clearance section!!! This is a great way for you to get your children's "stash" built up!! Keep them out of YOUR stuff!!! ;) So - when you're in next time - head on back to the BACK of the store and see if there are any hidden treasures there for you!!! (some HEIDI SWAPP stuff is in there too :( )

**new this week from CK MEDIA - we got the Month by Month Scrapbooking by Amanda Probst (she's one of my favorite designers!!) This Idea book has ideas and designs by Summer Fullerton (LOVE HER WORK!), Laura Kurz (renee i think you've mentioned her before), Tracey Odachowski and Tiffany Tillman (i'm starting to like her work more and more!) It helps that Amanda is SUPER organized - ALICIA you would love this book!! It gives you great "journaling jumpstarts", "photo op" ideas and more!! It forces you to challenge yourself month to month - looking deeper into those dreaded holiday photos and layout ideas, ie: Christmas and Halloween, has GREAT TITLES (if you're a title person!) ideas, great "Why didn't I think of that" ideas for your pages.....helping to BREAK YOU OUT OF YOUR NORMAL SCRAPBOOKING ROUTINE!! Shake things up a bit - think about things in a different way!! I'm LOVING THIS BOOK!!! PLUS, it's a FLIP hard bound spiral book - that stands on it's own - so you can prop that baby up right on your scrapbook table!!

**Snippets and Creating with Type on COMING!!!

**Our GO MANUAL class is slowing beginning to gain some momentum!! If you have or received as a gift for Christmas a Digital SLR camera......and you would like to learn to use it to it's fullest capacity, then you need this class....this class is only FOUR hours long!! ONE SATURDAY!!! February 21st from 10:00am-2:00pm. Can't make it in February? We're holding one in March too!! Saturday March 14th 10:00am-2:00pm!! The cost for the class is $40.00. You will want to bring your camera and your instruction manual!! If you're interested in SEEING for yourself JUST how well you're "finished photos" will look when you've completed the class.......come in to the store and visit our crop shop where we have the PHOTO BOARDS hanging from the last class!! They are just AWESOME!!!.............speaking of PHOTO BOARDS.....we will announce the WINNER of the four boards on January get in and VOTE for your favorite board!!!

**JANUARY 31st....that is the LAST day for you to order your Crop*A*Ganza "Sweet Escape" shirts!!! And YES, you can order the shirt EVEN if you're not attending GANZA!!! We've actually had several orders for non go-ers!! They are SUCH cute shirts!!! You can call the store and order over the phone or shoot me an email: - we will put it on your "account" and you can pay for it AT Ganza!!!

**LOVE NOTES!! If you haven't seen this GORGEOUS new line from Making Memories - OMG!! It's beautiful!! It mixes KRAFT paper with RED!! (i have a secret addiction to kraft paper and SOMEONE I KNOW is a secret closet RED LOVER!!) i've re-ordered the entire line and HOPING it will be in this week!!!

**American Crafts!! MOM went a TAD bit CRaZY on the American Crafts order!!! We got SEVEN boxes last week!! WE ARE SO FULL OF THICKERS IT'S CRAZY!! We have an entire WALL dedicated to ALPHABET STICKERS, THICKERS and CHIPBOARD!! to quote another annoying commercial - "if we aint' got it - you don't need it!"

**Scrapbook 4 Hire!! Okay - so with only 4 months until GRADUATION, if you have a senior or KNOW someone with a senior, you need to get started on that NOW!!! We offer Scrapbook 4 Hire for those that just "don't have the time" or that "don't THINK they are creative enough"!! You can drop off your organized pictures and meet with Kate and she can get you a senior album for your grad!! Call the store or visit our website for more details!!

**Get Scrappy is coming up in March!! AND, we are SO excited to be partnering with them this year as their sponsor!! Here's the "411" on that crop - and there's also information on our website under "area crops" as well!!!

4th Annual Get Scrappy – Women 4 Women

March 13, 2009 * 6 pm – 11:30 pm
March 14, 20098 * 8 am – 8 pm
Beech Activity Center
9710 E. Central

COME JOIN THE FUN and FUND RAISING for the YWCA Women’s Crisis Center.

Our fourth annual event is sure to be a great time of preserving your memories while helping to raise money so that families in crisis can make new memories.

$50 minimum contribution, but $25 will hold your seat until the day of the event. We strongly encourage croppers to collect up LOTS of donations from family, friends, coworkers, businesses so that we can really make an impact for the Crisis Center. There are great prizes for the croppers with the highest total $$ raised….and extra door prize drawing tickets for each $25 in contributions.

You’ll want to register early as we have this year opened the event up to quilters---scrappers of fabric. So if you know of some other “crafters” that want to come…..invite them along. Space for event is limited to 175 total registrations.

As in past years, we will have a great sale table, a silent auction chocked full of great products, and raffles of a few special items. But, more importantly, it’s an opportunity to renew friendships, make new ones, and raise money for a very worthy cause!

For more information, contact Linda Schrader at (316) 641-1505 or HYPERLINK ""
Or you can register online by going to HYPERLINK "" and selecting the events/then Get Scrappy tabs.

Hope to see you there!

WHEW - i think that's all i have to report at this time!! I WILL be back this week with more vendor updates for ganza....a few sneaks leading up to the weekend and blahdiddy blah blah blah!! Have a great week!!!