Tuesday, January 27, 2009


wanna hear something funny (now it's funny, not so much in my dream!)
So - i left my rolling laptop bag in Topeka at the DD crop this past weekend.......if you know me -you know i travel NO WHERE without my COMPUTER - NO WHERE!!! We get 1/2 way home and Vicki calls to tell me that i've left something IMPORTANT behind......now - the computer really is upsetting - i love my MAC!....however, this weekend, i took ALL (A*L*L*) of my Ganza stuff to work on and finalize - seating chart, apparel orders, REGISTRATION FORMS...alllllll of it!!!......so - GRACIOUSLY J.J. offers to take it UPS and OVERNIGHT IT TO ME!! So - i get home (sunday) and dream that it never shows up........so - we "wing" it for ganza!?!?! 180 women - walking in (of course in the dream, it's ALL at once!) - and just wander around the room - trying to find a seat.....wanting to know WHERE their shirts are!??! OMG - it was horrible!!! (so- TAMMY - i've decided that NO seating chart next time, is NOT a good idea!!! LOL!!) BUT - brian came to the rescue and delivered my beloved MAC this morning - so NO WORRIES - it's all BACK under control!! Ohhhhh, thats funny stuff!!!!

okay - so some of you might know that THIS week, is the BIG CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) show in Anaheim, California.......and we are in KANSAS!! :) - several reasons, we had the Diva Designs crop last weekend, which was a BLAST!!!......my brother has 2 concerts THIS WEEKEND in KC .......... and GANZA IS LESS THAN 11 days away!! So - it just didn't work into our plans!! So - we've decided to watch from afar!!!

What are some of your favorite items/lines/products that you're seeing on your favorite scrapbook websites!??!!
I'd love to hear from you guys!!! scrapfunattic@cox.net

THE GLUE GLIDERS ARE HERE - JUST IN TIME FOR GANZA!!! YES!!!! Brian, the UPS guy - just arrived with FIVE boxes, so i gotta go and get back to work - but i wanted to PROVE to you all - that i really AM gonna blog to you more - you MEAN THE WORLD TO ME!! (ahhhh a lil sentimental!)