Thursday, January 15, 2009

3 flippin' weeks!?!? - - - REALLY!?!?

YEP! 3 weeks till GANZA!! ( i put the word YEP there for my wonderful scrubbie!!....i was on the "CW" Wednesday doing a little segment on "holiday photos" to scrapbook.....he says that i said YEP tooooo much!!!) ANYWAY - getting back to ganza.....i know you're all LOOKING for a newsletter in your emailbox regarding GANZA - it IS coming....just not THIS week!!! I gotta have a lil break!!! So, mom and i are going to get "rejuvinated" and head to McPherson for a lil R&R at Maple Memories - then i'll come back RAREIN' to go and READY for GANZA ... as well as DIVA DESIGNS crop in Topeka on the 24th and 25th of this month!! This will be our FIRST time to attend their crop and we are SOOOO excited to get to go!!!

But - back to GANZA....i was talking with Becky Groom earlier this week, asking her if she was READY to go to ganza....she said she didn't have any "packing" to do...?!?! HUH!?!? WTH?!?! why not!??!?, i said!!!!!!!! SHE'S bringing ALLLLL of her albums, and ALLLLLL of her pictures and going to PUT THEM ON THE LAYOUTS!! Do you do that!??! just scrapbook either kits with no photos? or just complete the LAYOUT for the "Craft" of it and then go back and add your journaling later!??! So - i got to thinking.....for those people that either DON'T go to ganza (or any large crop for that matter) because they don't know HOW or WHERE to begin to pack for such an event - you could do just that - besides crop "from scratch", here are some ideas from fellow croppers that might work for you, or your friends!!:
*bring "just kits" - the "thinking" part is done, all that's left to do is the crafting part of it!!
*organize your albums, rearrange them in chronological order.
*concentrate JUST on the journaling part of know YOU'RE out there - those of you that dread the journaling part of it, and put it off till "later"!!! ( i personally think that the journaling is the BEST part of allll of it!)
*Organize your PHOTOS!! If you're REALLY behind and don't even know WHERE you'd begin to attend a crop and be productive - bring your photos (either DIGITAL (we have wireless) or the actual photos) and organize those!!! Complete with lil notes on the back of the photos to crop!

hopefully those will give SOMEONE out there an idea or two to make their weekend PRODUCTIVE!!! And remember, it doesn't ALL have to be about the actual CRAFT of it - it's also about being with fellow scrapbookers, friends and family!! RELAXING and enjoying your time at Ganza!!! :)

OkAy - since i haven't posted in a while (and feeling VERY GUILTY about that!) here's a FULL update on things that you may or may NOT wanna know!!!! Grab a beverage and sit back - i've been making lists!!!!! ( i love lists!)

******Cricut Class...did you get a CRICUT for CHRISTMAS!??! if so - come and take the Cricut 101 class with Kristy!!! There are only 2 spots remaining for this class!! If you purchased your Cricut through Scrap*Funattic - the class is FREEEEE! if you did not - the class is only $20.00!!! The class is Saturday January 24th from 3:00-5:00pm!! (software QUESTIONS will be allowed at the end of the class!)

******PJ CROP!! the crop that we're having on SATURDAY FEBRUARY 21st from 5:00pm till 5:00AM on the 22nd, fee $10.00 - ONLY ONE SPOT REMAINING!!!! YEP!! You read that right - ONE SPOT REMAINING!! YES we will be having another one - i'll get on the calendar SOON and schedule one!! (i'm the crazy one that came up with this idea, so therefore i'm the crazy one that gets to crop with ya'll!!! - so i have to work with the scrubbie's schedule!!!)

******GO MANUAL!!! Did you get a new camera for CHRISTMAS?!?!! Do you have a camera that you aren't UTILIZING all of the settings?!?! WELLLLLL, kate is here to help you out!!! In our "GO MANUAL" class. It will be a FOUR hour class......ONE day!!! 2 1/2 hours of DISCUSSION and 1 1/2 hours of HANDS ON practice. We will limit this class to TEN people, guaranteeing a one on one with the instructor and student! The class is being offered on Satuday February 21st and Saturday March 14th from 10:00am - 2:00pm. The cost is $40.00 per person. If you're interested - just give the store a call and get signed up!! This is YOUR chance to use YOUR CAMERA!! Take better photographs - tell better stories - preserve better memories!!!

*******NEW ITEMS!!! We have the ENTIRE NEW LINE FROM MAKING MEMORIES - LOVE NOTES!! It's WONDERFUL!! We WILL sell out - but WILL RE-ORDER!!! :) The Glue Glider Pro's are FLYING off the shelf - but never fear - more are on the way!! :) Restocked MORE KAISER craft books - these are pretty hot items too!!!! THE SLICE!! These little die cut machines have been a VERY HOT item lately!! We have those back instock - as well as the tools....more storage solutions and design cards are on their way!!! NEW and RESTOCKED Organizational items are here - PERFECT TIMING before ganza - the best time to organize and REorganize your stuff!!!

Back to Ganza - the hotel is ALMOST full - if you're still contemplating getting a room, you need to get on that ASAP!! MAKE SURE YOU TELL THEM YOU ARE WITH THE GANZA GROUP!!!

APPAREL - january 31st is the FINAL DAY TO ORDER YOUR APPAREL - i can NOT take orders on FEBRUARY 1st - CAN NOT!! NOT GONNA DO IT!! (think REGAN on that last line!)

CHA is coming up - the CRAFT AND HOBBY ASSOCIATION show - ALLLLL the new releases are already rolling into our email box and we've already started ordering new stuff!!! I can't WAIT to share them with you!! :)

What Matters Most and Tiny Wonders classes are both coming up this weekend!!! 2-4 on saturday and sunday. ALSO - the crop tonight is FULL!! If you are registered to attend, and you want to reserve your seat - just call or come by the store and let the girls know!!! They'll save your seats for you!! :)

A BIG THANK YOU to Sarah and Kristy for working this weekend, so mom and i can get away!!! Wish you were coming with us!!

Okay - i'm SURE that there are things i wanted to include in here, but they aren't coming to me now!! so - i'll close here.......i hope you all have a great weekend (keep warm) and be looking for the blog to start HOPPING with ganza info soon!!