Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ganza Schtuff!

annnnd, so it begins!! here are a few of MANY MORE (im sure!) updates to come for ganza!!! We work VERY closely with the gang at the Best Western in Park City!! One of the reasons we continue to have it there time and time again, is because they are so great to work with!! They take really good care of us before, during and after our event!!! Sooooooo, with that - i would like it if you guys could help US out a little!!!

If you're staying at the hotel.....PLEASE do not attempt to check in BEFORE 3:00PM!!! You can check in with us in the Atrium, at noon - crop and then go and check into your hotel room!!! Please don't think, "well, i'm just one person, surely they'll let me check in"!! cuz you know there will be 10 others thinking and DOING that same thing!!!! Lets try and give Anna a little bit of a break, and check in at or after 3!! I would really appreciate this, greatly!!! :)

There are STILL a few rooms available in our block, if you're thinking about staying - just make sure and tell them you're WITH CROP*A*GANZA!!!!

(no worries - i'll be sending out, yet another, email with all of this in it again, if you wanna hear it over and over!!!!!)

You still have THREE DAYS TO ORDER SHIRTS, SWEATSHIRTS and PANTS!!!....Saturday the 31st is the ABSOLUTE LAST DAY TO ORDER THEM!! NO EXCEPTIONS!! :) (gah, this post kinda sounds bossy.......hmmm?!?! suri!)