Friday, January 30, 2009

Fabulous Friday!

it's SUCH a gorgeous day in DO DAH!!! :) i love fridays.....not sure why really?!?! doesn't mean anything great and wonderful to me - but it always "feels" like a great day!!?!?

The FedX WOMAN came today - brought us some BAZZILL!!! FINALLY black cardstock!! don't know WHAT the dealio has been on our BLACK cardstock - but we were out of ALL OF IT!!! soooo, it's back - the tuelle, the stitches, piercer and PAPER!! (thanks krusty for keeping the BAZZILL wall lookin' purty!)

GANZA!!! exactly ONE WEEK from today - we will be "escapin'" at the Best Western!! Ahhhhhhh, canNOT wait!!! YES, the panic HAS set in, the stress HAS begun, i'm starting to FREAK out and worry - so that's always a good sign that things are right on track!!!! i've been in contact with the hotel and they are all set to go as well!!!

YES - you have ONE MORE DAY TO ORDER YOUR APPAREL!! TOMORROW IS THE FINAL DAY!!!! you can call and order, and pay AT ganza.........

One more thing.......PLEASE, PLEASE, please don't check into the crop room UNTIL NOON!! Please!!! It makes things SOOOOOOO much less stressfull for ME if you would wait until noon, when we're ready for you!!! For me, it's kinda like - the dinner party starts at 5:00pm - if you come at 4:30 - the house isn't SPOTLESS and PERFECT and READY for you!! I don't want anyone to see all the HAIRINESS that goes on behind the scenes - HA!! :) so - if you would please be so kind as to NOT check in until NOON!!!

Also - when you are checking in - it will be BEST if you PARK IN THE PARKING LOT, NOT IN THE GRASS.........the doors at the south end will be LOCKED and not able to be accessed - so you will need to either come in one of the two doors on the NORTH end (through the hotel) or through the side door and come in through the hallway?!?! I REALLY hope that makes sense to you!?!? No worries - i will be sending out an email with ALL of this information in it!!! I'm just trying to get all of this information out as it comes to mind!!!

The last crop we had ran SO SMOOTHLY!! i'm hoping that i'm updating everyone with enough information to avoid any hiccups and give you the BEST weekend!!!! Ohhh i know - sarah and i are going to Sam's next weekend.....WHAT snacks would you like to see in the hoRSpitality room!??!!? email me!! and let me know!!! :) okay - everyone have a FABULOUS weekend - GET YOUR SHIRTS ORDERED PRONTO!! :)