Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy SUNDAY everyone!!! WOW!! I haven't had a chance to check back here at the blog since I last posted - SO good to see that so many of you read!! I know that there are MANY more of you out there - SILENT BLOG STALKERS that read us daily and don't post - I hear your comments when you come in!!! Thank you so much for your support!! :)

I know that so many of you are sad to hear that Summer's leavin us - but this is the industry that is QUICKLY changing - so you have to be OPEN to change!! We will fill your void - SOMEHOW!!! Renee is not "taking over" Summer's class - but it's SO strange how God works!!! He closes one door and opens another - I KNOW that you will be SO pleased and inspired by Renee's new class - I don't know WHAT she's gonna name it yet - but I DO know that the FIRST class will be JUNE 14th!!!! SO, be looking for more on that!!!

I want to take a minute to just THANK the girls from US!! We are SO lucky to have a FABULOUS group of ladies working for us - we're small -but OH SO MIGHTY!!! Renee, Kristy and Kelli do SUCH a good job of working this store as if it were their own!!! I (personally) have some SERIOUS control issues (no comments!! :) ) I have tried (VERY HARD) to let go of some of these issues I have - and they have gone above and beyond to prove to US that they are perfectly capable of handling the responsibility!!! The store looks FABULOUS - we have the NEWEST TRENDIEST products out there - and it's JUST as much thanks to THEM as it is to US!!! We are a wonderful little family and we couldn't be HAPPIER with them!! SO, thank you Kristy - Renee and Kelli - WE TRUE-LY APPRECIATE YOU!!!! We wouldn't be where we are without YOU guys!! :)

We finally got some NEW AND FUN buttons in - LOVE them!! (kim, so glad you're happy!)

We had our FIRST Photography 101 class yesterday - it was FABULOUS!! (that's my new favorite word btw!) Kate did a wonderful job - "dumbing" it down for us Scrapbookers!!!! We weren't THRILLED about getting a TON of homework *wink wink* - but I am looking forward to using what I learned!! Already, I'm looking at pictures, layouts and ads TOTALLY differently!!!! I am now going to be saving for some new camera equipment!! (my dh is THRILLED!!) ((if you took the class - you should have received an email from me today - if you didn't get it - email me at and I'll get it to you asap!!)

OH - we got some NEW school albums in - SPECIALTY school albums -I'll post a picture of them this week - we only ordered Andover and Andover Central - but our little graduation section is RIGHT WHEN YOU WALK IN THE DOOR - so check those out!!!

Jana - are you back from beautiful MEXICO yet?!?! We've missed ya!! Can't wait to hear all about your RELAXING time at your class this Saturday!!

Garage sale stuff is starting to roll in - mmmmmmmmmmmmmm there's some GOOD stuff!!! I need to get mine priced!!! ;)

On a personal note - Rocky just bought us SingStar PopStar and 80's - SO LOOK OUT GIRLS - IT'S ON!!! :)


Liz S said...

Steff you crack me up!!

Too bad I can't carry a tune, I'd ssssooooooo kick your butt at CAG!!

Love ya

heather~dawn said...

I can't wait for ganza and the specialty that is Karaoke!!! I haven't done that in a couple years...and it's time for all of you to know my skills!!!

It gets me sooo excited and giddy!

~BuzyKeriBee~ said...

It's sooo on my friend!!! Have the 80's sing along game as well!!!! HAHAHAH
Can't wait. Love the grad stuff... BOUGHT SOME!!!
YOU all do a great job and I KNOW I speak for the rest of the Scrapbooking world in Wichita KS and surrounding area's that you ALL ROCK!!! Thank you ladies!!!!
Gotta get focused...buzy that is...!!!! hugs and misses!!!