Friday, May 29, 2009

to do list......CHECK!

don't you just love it when you get to CHECK things off your "to do" list!??!?! :) i am a HUGE list maker....HUGE!! i'll make a to do list and include BRUSH TEETH - JUST so i can check it off!! Soooo, i've had a long list of things to do that are tedious, you know the "to do's" that you aren't REALLY excited to get to?!?! A TON of those got CROSSED off the list this week!!! i love that feeling!! NOW i gotta get a new list up and running!! don't know what to do without a list! i might run around aimlessly!!!

sooooo - some of the things YOU might be interested in knowing that were crossed off the list......the shirt for Crop*A*Ganza-ville is FINALIZED on our end - FINALLY!!! I can't wait to get it back from Shirts Plus and show it to you - you will LOVE it (we hope!)

The "Fathers Day" class that i've been talking about is here and completed!! i love it - it's SO super cute and easy - and SURE to make YOUR "dad" proud to show it off!!! What do you think?!?! This would also be a great time to introduce you to the Designer of this adorable cascading frame......Laura Fernsler!!! I don't have a detailed "bio" for you yet - but you will LOVE LOVE LOVE her!! She is SO super creative, has a refreshing style and on top of all that she's SO SUPER NICE!!! So - this will be her FIRST class here at the attic......let's welcome her!!!! We are going to offer this class to you TWO different dates....SATURDAY JUNE 13TH from 10:00am-Noon AND THURSDAY JUNE 18th from 6:30-8:30 pm. Laura will continue to teach a monthly "altered" class for looking for more examples and information on that - you will LOVE this class - it's a great way to learn new techniques, brush up on your "older" techniques, and even complete a project to give as a gift or keep for yourself - each month!!! (can you tell i'm excited to have her!?!?!)

NEXT item crossed off the list this week: Danelle's MUCHO anticipated class - FINALLY has a date and a "tentative" name!!! "Tech-Tastik"......that's the name!! (i personally LOVE it!)......Danelle wants to teach "techniques" know - things you see in magazines, idea books, websites and such but you have NO idea how they made that happen!?!? She wants to teach YOU how to MAKE it happen!!!! This is going to be a NEW and EXCITING class for us, and i can't WAIT to see how well it is received!!!! Her FIRST class will be SATURDAY JULY 25TH from 10:00am-Noon. This first class she will be focusing on Masking AND Invisibles!!!! OMG YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY!! We're HOPING to be able to provide you with FOUR completed layouts to leave with each class!!! Be watching for more information and sneaks!!!

These were just a couple of layouts that i kidnapped from danelle yesterday......OMG!!

you might be asking yourself....WHERE DID SHE GET THAT BLUE GLITTERED POLKA DOT PAPER?!?! Welllllll, its the new Doodlebug Confectioners Cardstock!! AND I JUST HAVE TO SAY KKKKKAAAAAAUUUUUUTTTTEEEE!! Try and pick just ONE that you like - only ONE!! Here it is in all of it's glory - right out of the package yesterday!!

ohhh, and the LOTM for June - i love it!!!!

Make-n-take.......Come and join us from 9:00am - ???? (we'll do em until we run out of supplies!) This one is FREE!!!! Renee used the Twist Trimmer and the WRMK Chomper!!! Come in and see it in action and create a beautiful 12x12 page at the same time!!! This SHOULD be PERFECT for YOU!!! Mark it now - the FIRST Saturday of each month......LOTM AND a make n take!?!?! WOW!!!

Guess what we are "testing" out here at the attic?!?! JENNI BOWLIN.....we don't have MUCH left but it's definitely been a HUGE SUCCESS and it's only been here for TWO DAYS!!! So - i'd say we'll be carrying "jenni's" schtuff in the future!!!

OH - i talked with Kate C. yesterday about the Photo 101 class. we'd like to have your you want another 6 week class or the 1 day 4 hour class......if you're interested IN taking the class - i would like to hear from drop me a line and lmk!!!