Thursday, May 14, 2009

tis the season!.....

my oh my!! what a crazy whirlwind the last three weeks have been!!! graduation season is upon us and with all the demand of senior boards, albums and pages we feel as though we, ourselves, have a senior graduating this weekend!!!

Renee has been NECK DEEP (not just knee deep - NECK DEEP!) in creating her amazing Senior Boards......she really has a talent for these (imagine that!).....we've been taking pictures of MOST of the boards she has completed, when this is all over - i'll post them for you to see!!! It's NOT too late for YOU - if you have a senior that is graduating this month - and you're PANICKED with way too many "obligations", give us a call or stop in and we can HELP YOU!! Everything from ideas for your project, to just helping you cut out your child's name for your board, to creating it for you!! We are here to help!! We KNOW how frustrating this can be, this time of year, but ESPECIALLY to someone who normally doesn't "DO" this sort of thing!!!

on that subject we have learned a LOT about what to do NOW for "OUR" graduations!!! I will compile a list of all that we've learned and let you know that when this week is alllll over!!! you won't wanna miss this - to help you out when your child's graduating!!

Besides THAT - i really don't have TOO much more to talk about!! THAT'S how crazy it's been around here lately!! We did get an order in yesterday - but mostly it was to restock existing items in the store......Heidi Swapp is STiLL not here - but no fear - it SHOULD be here by tomorrow (cross your fingers!)

Danelle - your ENORMOUS craft mat is in - i'll hold it for you!!!........we did get the binding edge slim edger punch from EK success - the "notebook" paper lookin' one...we have PLENTY of those in stock if you were holding out for that one!! We also got some new punches for the border system!!

NO worries - we ARE still going to plan some more make n takes for a weekend coming up, and we've got more kits in the works for the kit wall!!! week SHOULD be a productive one!!!

With Field Days, year end parties, and (summer)birthday class room parties, this last week of school is BUSY!!!

those of you that have inquired about the ganza shirt - yes, i am still working with cara on it - and hopefully will have an image to show you next week!!

have a great day everyone, and thank you for checkin in with us - it's been CRAZY around here!!!