Tuesday, May 19, 2009

gooood mornin!!

happy tuesday!! don't have a lot of time today to blog - but did wanna pop on here and say hey hey!!! i PROMISE once school is OUT and OVER i will be getting BACK into my regular blogging routine!!! i've bee helping out up at the school nearly daily, and it's kinda cuttin' into my blog time!!! so, no worries.....i will return!!

renee and i worked on a CUTE lil project yesterday and i am dying to show it to you, however i can't YET!! it was for some of the teachers at the kids' school, so once she gets them delivered to those LUCKY teachers, i have PHOTOS to share with you!!!! they turned out KA-UTE!!!.....we are also working on a litte project for someone else i know!! i will take pictures and post them later today or early tomorrow.

we are expecting some FAHHHBULOUS new stuff in this week, i'm not gonna tell you, tho, until they have ARRIVED!!!

and even more good news.....with summer coming up we have TWO FUN announcements to make....first - KRUSTY IS COMIN' BACK! She'll be here LOTS more during the week!! AND, we have a NEW INSTRUCTOR coming on board!! i can't wait for you allllll to meet her! We are SOOOO excited!! We're going to be offering some NEW classes this summer, so be on the look out for that too!!

okay -gotta run, but i WILL be back with a more INFORMATIVE blog AND newsletter soon!!