Thursday, May 21, 2009

Okay - so you know we order our Custom Die Cuts from Scrapbooks, Etc. in Topeka...well - we just LOVE Pam!! With our last order she sent us a little gift. And we have STOLEN her idea and this is what we created!!! (please note i did NOT have time to alter these photos!) These were gifts for the retiring/departing teachers for my kids' school!!

We did have to cut down the notepads, and THANK YOU JESUS for the We R Memory Keepers CHOMPER!! It made rounding the corners of the notepads a CINCH!!!! i know what you're telling yourself right now - WHY COULDN'T THEY HAVE SHOWN ME THESE IN APRIL...for MY TEACHER APPRECIATION GIFTS?!?!?! I know, i know......but better late than never.....AND - if you're smart - you'll stop RIGHT NOW and put in your planner, blackberry, Iphone....NEXT YEAR, end of APRIL - TEACHER APPRECIATION TIN - SCRAP*FUNATTIC!!!

We're thinking of having a Make N Take with these - of course it wouldn't be FREE, but a minimal fee....what do you think?!?!

We turned the Chipboard Embellishments that we had left over into Magnets!!!

These tins were SO much fun, and SO super easy to make!! The hardest part was deciding WHAT to put on the front because this Teachers Pet paper is CUTE ALL BY ITSELF!! Okay - so the principal at the kids' school is a HUGE KState fan!! PLUS she's the BEST PRINCIPAL EVER!!! So - Renee and I had this idea of making her a mailbox, earlier this year - and then renee found the perfect size - so we thought we'd make her one for the end of the year!! it is BEFORE!!!

And After!!!

What do you think!?!? A HUGE thanks to Renee - i seriously have LOST my creativity to renee - i don't even think anymore - i just say "nay nay!!!"......and it's all over!

Okay - now the stuff you've been waiting for!!! Now - not all of this is "NEW" - it's new to US !!!! FINALLY the MVP line from We R Memory Keepers!! After graduationS, our Sports Section was EMPTY!! I LOVE THIS LINE!! It's perfect for everything - EVEN NON sports related themes!! CAN'T WAIT TO USE IT!!!! especially the foil die cuts!! The new TWIST TRIMMER from We R Memory Keepers....including the blades.....Renee's been playing with this one - NO WORRIES...WE WILL HAVE A MAKE N TAKE with it VERY SOON!!!

The new Rub On Tool from We comes in some other colors - love the size!

okay - FINALLY!! OCTOBER AFTERNOON IS IN DA HOUSE!! This is our FIRST time to have O.A. here - so this is a TRIAL - show us how much you want us to continue to carry it!!!

I LOVE the alpha stickers!! They come in real close to the DOODLE BUG alphas (which no worries - the new alpha is on the way!)

Night Light (not a new release - but i did order PAPER PACKS! the lil monsters!)

this was a cute layout i found on the October Afternoon blog - love it!!

YES......Krusty and Renee just about had a HEART ATTACK when they found out these were here!!! They are supa cute!!!

And the ROLLING TOTE.....Ahhhhhhh, love it! :) i THINK renee MIGHT just have hers already packed for MAPLE MEMORIES next month!

Whew - that was a LOT for me this morning!! Hope you enjoyed it!! :) peace out!