Thursday, May 7, 2009

happy happy thursday.......

so - hows your week goin?? wow - what a gorgeous day we had here yesterday!! we took a trip to the zoo - with 25 school buses FULL of kiddos!!! :) it was so gorgeous!! The gorilla's....not so happy to see the spectators!! the tiger trek opens may 22nd (unless you're a member...!) can't wait to see that!!! it was so nice - the boys kept saying "i'm HOT"!! "why does it have to be SUMMER all ready?"!!! man oh man are they my kiddos or WHAT?!! I love the cold, spring and rain!!! not so much with the heat!!!

okay - back on yesterday here's some of the items that we received.........

Teachers Pet

Wild Things (alicia - this is the line i was talkin' about!)...and YES when i was taking pictures yesterday i DID have this paper in mind!!!.....

MORE organizational tubs are worries - i'm holding the ones i promised!! ;)

AND we got the SUPER Satchel's too!! these are cool!!

The border punches have arrived.....we'll be giving ya'll a call to let you know they're here!!! SOME of those too!!!

Just out today....

okay - be lookin' for your WEEKLY newsletter today (yes, i do realize it's THURSDAY!!! ha!) ...... better LATE than never!!

And - DON'T forget we are going to CLOSE on SUNDAY for MOTHERS DAY!!!

(this ones just for my MIL and mom!)