Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Thursday......seriously why can't i come up with clever post titles!?!? Ha - i accidentally typed CLEAVER!! that would have got your attention

Okay - so yes, i have some guilt about neglecting YOU - my fellow blogger community - yes, i do think of you all OFTEN!! but, believe it or not - i really haven't had much to say!! I KNOW!!!

It's not that there aren't exciting things happening around here, or that we've dropped off the planet - i just sometimes reach a point where i'm just "done" talking!! I KNOW - shocked aren't you!!! But, no worries, i've made myself a list of things that we CAN talk about if this happens to me again!!!

So - i just finished the newsletter for this week - YES, i think it should be called your END of the week Newsletter from the attic! WAIT - that's kinda catchy - i'm gonna go change that before i send it out......okay!! Make sure and read the newsletter - there's a "coupon" of sorts in there!!

i've been back to working on ganza stuff - can't believe that's coming up VERY SOON!!! you'll start receiving emails from me about that as well!! we should have a picture of the shirt VERY SOON - we're working on the lyrics!!!

Also - i'm going to COMMIT to posting a "challenge" if you will weekly beginning JUNE 1st for you guys!! I know that summer is extremely busy....i'm a mom......i have kiddos out of school as well!!! But also as a RETAILER i know that summer slows WAY down for us - cuz we're all SOOOOO busy OUTDOORS and on vacations with our families, so i'm hoping to keep the door to scrapbooking "propped open" for you this summer!!! So - join'll be interesting!!!!

Oh and btw - the OCTOBER AFTERNOON - EXCELLENT seller for the store - you've once again helped to make our future CHA purchases!!! Good choice btw!!!

missy - this is for you!! (_x_) :) :) :) :) :) that really did make me laugh!!!!!

Here is a closer look at the JUNE LOTM!!!

Okay - i gotta run, just had a FAHBULOUS idea......