Wednesday, January 30, 2008


(as I type this - those of you that read it later probably are saying NO - EIGHT MORE DAYS!!) OH MY GOODNESS!!!! OH MY GOOODDNNNEEESSS!!!

So, I'm asking those of you that have BEEN to Ganza before - to share some of your comments, ideas and thoughts on the blog for those people that have never been before and even BETTER - never been to a weekend crop before!!! What should they expect!?! What are some things that you remember thinking your first time that you wished someone would have told you!?!? What is your FAVORITE memory of Ganza!?!? Let's get on here and share some of those with these ladies!!!

Also - Cara Leeds (soon to be mommy for the FIRST time!) is going to be at Ganza to vendor!! She wanted to pass this message on to you guys that are attending!!!:

**Scrappin Boot Camp will have three new designs available at Cropaganza! Be on the lookout!

If you email me with your preorder before February 6th, I will bring it to you at the crop, packaged just for you and you will receive 25% off!

You can also add anything to your order at the event and receive 25% off that as well!

We have also added another product line to Scrappin Boot Camp- Snap Totes.

Snap Totes are custom photo bags that are absolutely perfect for scrapbookers!

At Cropaganza, receive 10% off Snap Totes and Free shipping! See you soon!

Cara Leeds--

We received our RESTOCKing order of Doodlebug back in!!! That stuff FLEW out the door so fast the first time!! We also received a new order from Rusty Pickle - although I'm a little grumpy with RP b/c they backordered ALL the NEW St. Patty's day paper that we ordered - but we have all the embellishments!?! AHHHH!!!!

Okay - Sarah is off tomorrow - getting the SNACKS and SODA for Ganza......say a prayer for her - she HATES shopping!!

ps - did you check out all the music that i've added!?!? some of my FAVS!! What favs am i missing of yours!??! WHO ELSE LOVED PRETTY IN PINK!!! I STILL WATCH THAT MOVIE!! LOVED ME SOME DUCKY!!!! And the Fresh Prince - don't lie - you know that you know ALL the words to that show as well!!!! Foot loose......WHO HAS NEVER SEEN THAT?!?!


Cara Jo said...

Thanks for posting my info! I cannot wait to see everyone!

thnsw said...

Praying for Sarah for a safe and fun day.

thnsw said...
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*Chelle* said...

I'm soooo ready!!!! Even got most of my page kits ready to go!!!!

Last August was my first CAG and let me tell you, I was on total sensory overload!!! So many awesome people, so many cool projects to walk around and look at, and I could go on and on. It felt so fabulous to be hanging out with people who were as totally jazzed about scrapping as I was. Oh, and not to mention ELVIS came!!!! LOL

Lovin' all the flashback songs, Steff!!!

wolffx5 said...

You need to get some PRINCE on their baby! Purple Rain, Pary like it's 1999, Kiss! Any of them!!!