Monday, January 28, 2008

Hover your mouse over the "Robot-o " and press play - are you diggin' the tunes?!? Is it gettin you in the MOOD!?!!?! THIS song is a CLUE to your make-n-take with your name tags when you check in!!!! TEEEE HEEEE!!!! (thanks to renee for this one!)

Less than TWO weeks away!!!


Okay - so, vendors - I'm sending out an email to ya'll tonight - if for some reason - you DO NOT receive it - EMAIL ME ASAP!!!!

Here's a tip from Jennifer Y.....(yami) for all of you that are going to ganza and packing your page kits!!!!:

Since I use the cricut for just about ALL my titles, I've discovered that if I cut them, then put them through one of my Xyrons, I can stick that in the bag with the page kit, and that's yet another part already done (I usually have a title in mind as I'm coming up with a page! And, if I'm working with small letters or something, NOTHING gets lost!!!

WOW!! Thanks to Jennifer - that will ALSO cut down on how much JUNK, err I mean STUFF that you take with you to Ganza!!!!

I'm challenging myself to take VERY LITTLE with me to ganza this time....we'll see!! But, I swear I take MORE stuff and NEVER even OPEN some of the bags I bring!!! So,,,,,,come by my crop table and see if I've achieved my goal!!!!

That's your ganza tip for the day.....get to packin'!!!!!

Also - tomorrow (Tuesday) is our FIRST "BOB" class!! Boy Oh Boy!! You've been asking for MORE boy page layouts - and Jana is going to be bringin ya some every OTHER month!!!


heather~dawn said...

I am diggin' the tunes! I absolutely love Hey Mickey...such a cheerleading song! And I knew the Mr. Roboto from The Perfect Man, great movie! I am seeing all these as quick videos! Thanks for blogging again tonight I was shocked!

*Chelle* said...

Totally rad tunes, dude!!! Lovin' all the updates to Missy!!! Ten days to go!! Yep, that's right, countem'!!!!

laurie:) said...

So I am really feeling 40 today. I am in the middle of reading yesterdays posting, while jammin' to Mr. Roboto (and am so in the moment) When my 7th grade daughter walks in and says,"what are you listening to?" with curious disgust in her voice. Oh, boy! I said, "Like totally take off I-Pod girl" -- to that she replies, "whatever MOM?!?"
Thanks anyway for the tunes!