Sunday, January 27, 2008

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Are there ANY of you LEFT out there that are even CHECKING this blog anymore?!?!?!

I have NO excuses as to why I've not blogged - well, I do - but none that you care to hear!!!! Lots of stuff goin on!!! The ONLY bad thing about Ganza being TWELVE days away is that the WINTER CHA show is the SAME week of GANZA weekend, so since we're unable to go - cuz we'd "like totally" rather be here with ya'll....i'm busy with the gals doing my homework and researching the latest new releases!! So, that's been takin up some time!!!

We had our FIRST digi crop on Friday - I think it went pretty well!! A LOT QUIETER than a usual crop, but still tons of fun - I got FOUR layouts done....not completely done - but printed and ready to add my REAL BELLIES to them!!! I'll post them in the next few weeks!!!

Classes have been awesome for 2008!!! Our crops have been fillin' up and classes are FULL to the MAX, like totally dude!!!

Okay - for those of you that are attending Ganza, here is your FIRST reminder email of things to bring that you may not have thought of!!!! Of course, our ever so awesome LAURIE TURNER sent this to me - she is SO good at these.......if any of you think of random things to bring - just email me at and i'll start to send out blogs and newsletters throughout this week and next week!!!

80’s Style!
O.K. all of you bodacious gal pals, it’s time to get psyched for Crop-a-Ganza! It’s like only a couple of weeks away, February 8th – 10th. I know this is like such a rush, but don’t spaz out already!!! This radical scrap-o-rama is going to be totally tubular. Once again, you need to schmooze your couch potato, boy-toy, into being Mr. Mom for the weekend. They might think that is bogus, but we deserve some time to chill…for sure! The theme this time is totally awesome…the 80’s. So we’ll all get like a blast from the past…to the max. We can party hardy to Van Halen, Duran Duran, Madonna, Boy George and more. Don’t forget to get your hair permed and wear your big earrings. It is time to get stoked and start packing, so you will be ready to take off to the Great White North (a.k.a. Park City).

Don’t be a dweeb and wait till the last minute, get like totally organized now, so you can get lots of gnarly pages done. And pack early, so you wannabe’s will be relaxed and ready for a wicked time. There will be no stress allowed…not even! There will be a massage therapist there, if you just want to veg. You can sign up when you check-in. Below, there is a list of like major stuff you may want to pack. If you are an airhead and forget something or need something fresh, don’t have a cow! There will be vendors selling some radical scrapbooking and stamp supplies, apparel and more. Like totally mark your tools with permanent marker, to avoid confusion with your ditsy neighbors.

Word-up, check-in begins at 4:00 p.m. on Friday.

Scrapbook Supplies: Lots of rad Photos, Page Kits, Paper, Cardstock, Vellum, Trimmers, Scissors, X-Acto, Cutting Mat, Punches, Adhesives w/refills, Vellum Spray w/Spray Box, Ruler, Undu, Burnisher, Die Cuts or Personal Cutting System, Extension Cord, Stamps, Inks, Cleaner, Wet Wipes, Chalks, Paint, Idea Books, Stickers, Embellishments, Eyelet Setter, Paper, Templates, Markers, Ribbons/Fibers

Lamp – For awesome task lighting (i.e. Ott Light) – if the the UV’s ceilings lights are too cheezy

Bed Sheet/Table Cloth – fer shur dude…to cover your table & supplies when you hit the sack

Cushion or Pillow – In case your bum or your back is bad to the bone (o.k. that is BAD!)

Boom Box - (i.e. your I-pod or MP-3) If you think the house music is lame or networking isn’t your thing!

Favorite Snacks and Drinks – Stop spazzing -- there will be some drinks and snacks provided

Overnight bag - Comfy clothes, PJ’s, your homeboy’s jersey or your stud muffin’s letter jacket, a sweatshirt or sweater, slippers or socks, swim suit

Toiletries - Make-up (if you feel like being butt ugly while the boys aren’t around – that’s o.k. too). Bring a toothbrush & paste, shower supplies, & antiperspirant (or just gag me with a spoon), and lots of hairspray for your BIG HAIR!

Just Say NO to Drugs! – In your dreams! These things are important at our age -- Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, Antacids, Inhalers, Allergy Meds, RX, Vitamins, Bio Freeze, etc….

Cup Holder & Cup with Lid - If you spill, someone will have a cow!

Camera - “What choo talkin’ ‘bout?” You are major scrapbooker now, you take

pictures of anything, anywhere!

T.V. Tray/Shelf Dividers – to sit next to you or on your table -- so you posers have more room

Money - All of you mall chicks bring your Cash, Checkbook & Credit Cards (to the max!) for shopping, raffles, etc.

okay - now to answer a few of those questions from her post - yes we have OTT lamps at the store and will bring some with us to the crop.....Yes, we do have Cup Holders (also called tag-a-longs), and we will bring them to ganza!!.........

some more random thoughts that are coming to mind.....

* We will have a mini make and take when you check in with your name tags - but only while supplies last - so get there early!!!

* We do take CC's and Checks as well as cash in our booth (I'm sure that the other vendors do as well!!),.....most will let you run a tab with them as well!!! Scrap*Funattic WILL accept FULL punch cards as well as punching our cards too!!!

* You will have power hooked up to your tables........but I would suggest bringing a THREE prong adapter or power strip for yourself.....there are only TWO outlets per TABLE!!! So, if you could bring a strip - then that would allow you to hook up your cricut, wishblade, laptop, printer, sewing machine AND your lamp!!! (yes, I've brought ALL of that to a crop before!!!)

* If there are things that you'd like to ENSURE that we bring to the crop for sale in our booth - email us and remind us!!! We will be making runs back and forth to the store as well, so if you're needing something NO PROBLEM MAN!!!

* We will not be having the "traditional" goodie bags this time!!! HOWEVER we have another surprise in store for you - CAN'T WAIT to give you a SNEAKIE PEEKIE!!!

* We WILL have SOME occasional music playing in the large atrium........80's music to get you in the mood - but it will NOT be playing all the time - so feel free to bring your tunes for your table!!!

* If you were lucky enough to get in AFTER we sold out and opened up the Regency room - you'll be CROPPin like a ROCK star with me (STEFFANO!)......we won't have music or a sound system - but NO WORRIES - we're gonna PART-A like it's 1999!!! or 1989 since it's 80's themed!!!

* Feel free to "get all dolled up" for our 80's event - there will be SECRET SPYS that will be keeping their eyes out for the BEST DRESSED cropper!!!!

* Don't forget your jammies or footies - if you're like me - you like to be COMFY!! I have croppin' slipper and jammies that I usually wear ALL weekend long!!!!

* I know that Laurie mentioned this earlier -but BRING A SHEET!!! That way when you're done for the night - you can just cover up your table and hit the hay - we can't GUARANTEE that someone will be IN THE CROP ROOM at all times watching your stuff - this is the best way to "protect" your NOT leave your valuables unattended at your wallet, computer, etc. And YES, you can stay up and crop all night long if ya wanna - just be conscience of your sleeping neighbors!!

okay - that's all my mind can spit out right now!!! I PROMISE TO BE A BETTER BLOGGER - PROMISE!!! REALLY!! thanks to those of you that have sent emails checking up on us!!! it's nice to know we're missed!!! on a different note - for those of you that are attending SPRING CROP CAMP......if you haven't received an email - you probably don't know that they've changed the LOCATION!! Check out their website for further details!! It's gonna be IN WICHITA!! YEAH!!! We're gonna be there - are you!?!?


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I'm so glad you're back to blog-blog-bloggying!

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Yea! You're back. We all missed your daily blogging. Can't wait for the next few days to get overwith. It's almost a mini vacation, just to be with the girls and get all that good scrap time in.

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Yeah!! So glad to see that you DIDN'T fall off the planet!! I was wondering! I am counting down the days for CAG, I am like, so ready!! It is going to be way rad!!

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Woo Hoo! I had almost given up on you all blogging, so glad you are back to it!

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I check this Blog a couple time a day. I was beginning to get worried.