Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I'm going to just "SPOUT" these things off as they come to me - so apologies in advance for the RANDOMNESS!!!

**Our crop for this Friday is FULL!!!! IF you have signed up and haven't paid - please call and get that done to secure your spot!!! We had a five person waiting list - but are going to bring in some extra tables to accommodate - so those of you on the waiting list SHOULD be getting a call soon telling you so!

**WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A DIGI CROP!!! YEAH!!! Friday January 25th will be our FIRST ever digi crop!!!! Jana WILL be on hand to HELP us out if we need it......please know that if you are NOT a digi cropper, please don't mistake this crop for a CLASS......we are all learning and experimenting and will not be able to sit and help/teach for the entire evening!!! If you have taken either of our TWO digi classes here at the attic - we'd like to invite you to take the digi crop for FREE your first time!! If you're already a digi cropper - the fee will be the normal $5.00 crop fee!!! We'll see how well this first one goes to determine how often we'll be doing these crops!!!! I'm SUPA excited as I've been playing with the digi stuff and can't WAIT to print them out and get the REAL BELLIES on them!!! You will have access to use our 12x12 printer while you're here - and we'll have pricing on those set up for you when you arrive!!!!.......CALL TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT!!!!

**CROP*A*GANZA T-SHIRTS!!! ........ if you're wanting a crop*a*ganza t-shirt YOU MUST ORDER ONE BEFORE GANZA.....as a matter of fact - you MUST HAVE THEM ORDERED BY THIS FRIDAY - the 18th of January!!! We have to have our final count to Christie by then.....so give us a call to order yours!!!! They will NOT be available at Crop*A*Ganza!!!!!

**We have ordered the PageMaps Book
and the New Computer Tricks #2 book that should be arriving very soon - if you'd like to reserve one - give us a call at the store!!!!

**Classes - seriously folks - our classes/crops have been SELLING out!!! IF you're interested - you need to call and pay to reserve your spot!! Remember we aren't going to be making any EXTRA kits for upsell!!!!

On a personal note - I have really been feeling "depressed" lately as to HOW FAR BEHIND I am with my scrapbooking......add to that the fact that I lost ALL of my pictures on my External Hard-drive......so I've been feeling a little bummed.....so over the weekend, I pulled out ALL OF MY ALBUMS - ALL OF THEM - there are roughly 25 of them!!!! Went through all of them and cataloged them, making notes of what I had scrapbooked........I WAS NOT AS FAR BEHIND AS I'D THOUGHT!!!! Thanks to the crops here, Ganza and Crop Camp - I have actually been scrapbooking MORE than I was giving myself credit.....just not four times a week like I had been in the past!!!! ALso found more pictures on Shutterfly that I had downloaded and forgot - so I haven't lost AS MANY pictures as I'd feared!!!!! So, the moral to my story - if you're feeling like I did.......go back and CLARIFY that you're reallllllly as behind....if you are - NO MORE EXCUSES - get busy wit it!!! (meant to spell that wrong!)........I'm going to make TEN page kits for Ganza.....that's not a lot - but not too many!!! So, look out ladies - I am getting some scrapbookin done - even if I'm up at 5AM so be it!!!!

I'm starting to get excited about ganza and will be working on daily REMINDERS for ya'll - if you think of some random things as you go through your day - drop me an email and I'll pass it on to the others!!!! Have a great day!!!! (and a shout out to Karen down in derby at Scrappin Time - great article in the Eagle!!!!! Congrats!)


Christie said...

I must say-25 albums! Wow!!!!! That is some serious scrapping, the likes of which I cannot imagine! You go girl! Truly very impressed!

laurie:) said...

I am soooo glad you found some more pictures. Haven't stopped thinking about the agony you were experiencing over that loss. And ditto on the 25 albums... WOW! My question to you is: how many will there be by the time the boys are 18? Whaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! I guess this is an example of when algebra comes in handy.

aday said...


I think I will be re-writing the organizational class for that please may I have one PUHLEASE PUHLEASE!!

wolffx5 said...

When do you think this book will be in? I so want one too!!

Lan said...

Page Maps Idea book is on my wish list too, so glad you're gonna carry it!

doggiemom said...

Ts seems that everywhere you go someone is talking about "Ganza". There were some girls down at Karen's on Saturday that were talking about it and asking Karen and a couple of others if they were going or not. They are really excited to be coming too. We were also talking about the Bazzill stitches and all the accessories,patterns and the book. I am really wanting that new Page Maps book too. Her newsletters are really good and informative too.

Do you have a picture or any kind of description of the "Ganza" tshirt?

Can't wait!!!