Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Don't forget - click on the tunes and enjoy!!!
Okay - so for those of you ganza goers......Brynn will be there ONCE again to help you RELAX and ENJOY your weekend away even more!!!! She is bringing someone to help her out this time - since she was OVERBOOKED last time!!
Soooo, she'll be able to take TWO clients at ONCE!!! NOT in the same room - only if you want!!!! Seriously - if you wanna go with your BFF and get a massage - that's doable too!!!!
Soooo, if you're wanting to get your time LOCKED in NOW!!!
You can do one of the following things:
Call Brynn on her cell and she'll set up an appointment for you!! 316-806-2082
Call the store and we'll secure your spot 316-733-0029
Email her at brynnthornburgh@gmail.com to book it!!!
Here is her pricing: $30.00 for 1/2 hour and $55.00 for 50 minutes........most massages you receive say ONE HOUR - but they aren't TRULY ONE FULL HOUR!! So, Brynn is PROMISING to have her HANDS on your BOD for a SOLID 50 minutes!!! Seriously ladies, and gents....these massages book up FAST!!! Don't regret not getting yours!!! Feel free to book yours now!!! If you'd rather wait until check in - there will be a sign up sheet held AT BRYNN'S MASSAGE ROOM!!!!

(did anyone else LOVE BOY GEORGE as much as I did!?!? WHO knew he'd be SO BIZARRE now?!!?)

Don't you just LOVE that he's wearing a GENERAL HOSPITAL SHIRT!! ohhhh my!!

So, today we found out our "goodie bags" are on their way and should arrive JUST in TIME!!! I hate being under pressure - but it seems there's no other way to be!!!! Christie is bustin out the shirts and we should have those back in PLENTY of time for ganza too!!! Everything is purchased and good to go for food and table markers!! Our original idea didn't turn out as planned - so we put our heads together and came up with some FUN things we think you'll LOVE!!! I hope to have some sneaks for you later this week!!!

Some new things that have arrived at the store so far this week:

The NEW Imagincse Summer Line "A SHORE thing"!! CUTE LIL Penguins!!!


Sugar Coated Cardstock from Doodlebug.....not NEW - but NEW to the attic!! We finally have it!!

We've restocked our organizational area just in time for ganza!! As well as lots of new organizational tins from Tim Holtz....AND NEW Grungeboard!


*****update from Joyce's family....we got word today that her daughter is doing better and will be alright...thank GOD!! I will post more info. as I hear it!


heather~dawn said...
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heather~dawn said...

Ok, Let's try this again! Can't wait for the Sneaks, Keep the posts coming, I am loving them! Also, has anybody found a good way to adhere things on top of the Sugar Paper?

Summer said...

ummmm loving those little penguins!!! I want some!!!!! I need some NOW!!!! I'll be out tomorrow to get some!!! SOOO CUTE!!!!

3divasmommie said...

dude.....heather...zip dry is the best for sugar coated cardstock. You just have to be patient and let it dry. the Feb LOTM has a great example of that!!!

*Chelle* said...

Yep, those little penguins are really the cutest!!!

Okay, my very first album, yes vinyl album!!! Was that Boy George single!!!! I bought that and the entire Cindy Lauper album with my babysitting money when I was 12!!! I learned how to do makeup for Boy George and that kinda creeps me out now!!! LOL

*Chelle* said...

That would be "from" Boy George, not "for" I really doubt he'd let a twelve year old do his makeup even if it sometimes looked like it!!! LOL

babsbrown said...

Heather, if you are sticking something to the glittery part of the sugar coated cardstock, I have had good luck with glue dots, I used the biggies, like 1/2 inch round (red box).