Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Stacy Julian...back at it! :)

you’re not just a 
 scrapbooker anymore! 
 —digital workflow with stacy julian (part one) 
Have photos? Check. Love scrapbooking? Check. No time? 
Check. What to do? Read on—Stacy Julian has the solution 
we’ve all been looking for.

Have you read the latest issue of Scrapbook & Cards Today??  It's a good one!!  I am a Stacy Julian LOVER!!  Love her no nonsense way of keeping things SIMPLE and FOCUSED!!!  So, naturally, when i received my email for Scrapbook & Cards Today, i immediately was drawn to her article!!  Check it out, there's some realllly good schtuff in there!!!  Great lunchtime reading for ya! :)


Kim said...

Oh, haven't heard of this one. Thanks for the great link.