Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder!

I picked this up from a scrapbook store while traveling sometime last year...loved it - and keep meaning to share it with ya'll....see I'm not the ONLY one...there are OTHERS out there that do this!!  ~~ENJOY your day!!

The scrapbook store
calls to me;
"We have things that are new!" 
So i grab my purse
 and credit card;
An obsession i
must do.

I buy this pretty
 Not one, but i
buy two.
  I get the one that
They say it's quite
 brand new. 

In a blissful frenzy
 I buy what suits
 my taste.
  But when i go back
 to my house
 I find that in
 my haste,

I have 4 of this one....
i bought it twice 
I've fallen victim
 once again
 to my beloved
scrapbook store!
~Patsy Gaut


Kristina Scott said...

I just did a layout with that poem a couple of days ago!