Thursday, July 8, 2010

A NEW crop coming to OUR area!!

As i'm posting this, i know that i don't have a LOT of information to give you YET, but wanted you to SAVE the date anyway!!!

i, WE...are SOOOO excited to be ASSISTING in something that is going to be SO AWeSOmE!!!!  If you've been to any of our Crop*A*Ganza events, you know how much we LOVE to bring your FABULOUS large crops!!  And we've listened to your comments and suggestions about offering MORE crops in the Wichita area!!!.....So, we were OVER JOYED when our friends with the Love Chloe Foundation came to us asking for advice and HELP with a crop that they would like to bring to our area!!!!

(this is chloe, by the way!)
Michelle and her team have had two large crops in the Salina area and would like to take their crop on the road!!  They are hoping to start with Wichita, and where they'll go from there.......only the CROPPERS know!!!!  I *steff* first heard about this foundation when they contacted Scrap*Funattic for a donation for their event last year.   I was SO touched and MOVED by this story that i had this enormous DESIRE to do MORE to help them!!  When Michelle came to Andover to pick up the donation that we were giving to their event, we got to chattin' and before you knew it, we were making plans to try and hold an event here in Wichita!!!!!

You can check out their website and learn ALLLL about Chloe, and the Monkey in my Chair Program....i'm gonna warn you pulls on your heartstrings, especially because of the children!!!  

Soooo, like i said earlier - i don't have ALLLL the important information for you YET - we are scheduled to meet in the next few weeks and get all of those details ironed out, but we are SOO excited to be ASSISTING them with their NEW journey!!!!  

Here's what i DO KNOW:  
there will be a CROP!!!  
The dates are November 5-6.  
The event will be held at the Homewood Suites in NorthEast Wichita.  

That is all i know as of NOW!!  BUT, i PROMISE YOU will be the FIRST place that i come to announce the rest of the details AS SOON AS I HAVE THEM!!!  Soooo, SAVE THE DATE!!!


aday said...

dang thats Crop Camp weekend. You know I love monkeys!!

Kimpossible said...

Oh I want to do this!!! I just finished reading their website and your right Stef its a heartbreaker!! What great work!! What a great idea!! I cant wait to get more details.

Jana Girl said...
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Jana Girl said...

One of my high school classmate's daughter was part of the Love Chloe program about 2 years ago in Arizona. Unfortunately, Mae lost her battle with cancer, but her memory lives on through the Love Chloe charity program. You can read Mae's story through her picture/link under the "monkeys" section on