Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Attic Wednesday Sketch Challenge #19

Happy Happy Wednesday...hows it goin' with the sketches?? Are you loving them?!?! Even if you're not USING them now, are you saving them for later!?! Is it inspiring you to STOP what you're doin' and scrapbook!?!? (that's easier said than done isn't it!!)

Okay - this one is from (my favorite site of all!!) PageMaps!!

Title/Quote: Swinging Good Time! (

**don't forget...sidebar...past attic wednesday challenge posts for faq's, and past sketches!!


Lan said...

Love the quote! Gonna have to use that one next. thanks for the inspiration!

Annuli said...

I do not seem to have time to do the lay out challanges at the time you do them, But I print them off each week and save them in a folder that I flip through and use them when I am looking for something to inspire me at the time I am ready to work on a certain theme or just need to get in a mood.