Monday, July 5, 2010

History in the Making Craft House - AWESOME DEAL!!!

Hello friends!!  Are you sitting down?!?  You're gonna wanna take a minute to check THIS OUT!!  Our friend, Becky Groom, who OWNS the History House here in WICHITA is running an AMAZING deal!! Check out the website.....on the left hand side, you'll see "COUPONS & SPECIALS"  click there and print out your COUPON for $400 off the weekly rental price of $1200 in the month of October!!!!

That brings your total per person price WAY DOWN!!!  

The History in the Making House will hold UP TO 12 people!!  You can call your girlfriends, aunts, sisters, family....anyone!!  Set up a relaxing SIX days to chill out and do WHATEVER your little heart desires!!!  Scrapbook, quilt, read, hang out and watch movies, just get away - WHATEVER you choose to do, all in the relaxing atmosphere of this GORGEOUS Midtown Historic District of Wichita!!

Go to the website - check it out, and give Becky a call to set up your stay!!  You won't be disappointed!!

(we're going to be staying there for a couple of days with a great group of ladies at the end of THIS week!!!)