Sunday, June 8, 2008


Tomorrow is MONDAY - which means, in the SCRAPBOOKING world - there are only 18 more days left until CROP*A*GANZA!!! You are all saying HOORRAYYY!! We, on the other hand, are saying HOLY *@)#!!!! :)

So, I thought i'd give ya'll - our loyal blog stalkers a sneak peak at the BACK OF THE SHIRT!!! This shirt, as well as the last one, was designed by the one and only Heather Carrier!!! She's extremely talented and I am SOOO pleased with it - i think you will be as well!!! The front is WHITE with the small flamingo on the right breast "pocket" area.....the sleeve says "in loving memory of our dear friend Mike" and THIS is the back!! LOVE IT!!! whatdoya think!?!?

Also - mom and the GIRLS (renee and kristy) have been BUSY this weekend, bustin' out some FUN kits!! I am SOOOOO excited!!! These kits are adorable!!!

Kelli's LOTM for June has FLOWN off the shelves! She should be SO happy, as this will be her LAST monthly LOTM....:(

I just sent out the newsletter - be looking for that - if you did NOT receive it - click here to view it!! GREAT sales in there for our TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!

How was your weekend? Hope you all had a great one!! We're busy this week with ganza prep stuff and baseball games, pool time and just staying COOL and SAFE from the nasty weather!!! I'm expecting a couple of orders with a sprinkling of some new stuff - so i'll update ya when that arrives!!! Have a great week!!! :)


ohsoscrappyjenn said...

Love the shirt! Looks awesome! Awesome graphic designer...heather is.... ;0)

Michielle said...

WOW!! The back of the shirt is soooo awesome!! I love it!! Thanks guys! I love blog stalking you and finding out what's up and coming and going on in the 'scrappin' world. Can't wait to see you guys!! Hugs and Misses!!