Thursday, June 12, 2008

WE ARE 2 YEARS OLD TODAY!!! (some days it feels like we should be 22 years old - then others it feels like it was just yesterday we opened our doors!)
I was reminiscing this morning while getting ready for work....the feeling of excitement and anticipation of that FIRST morning we opened!! It was raining and I was running LATE!! Of all mornings!! The kids wouldn't cooperate - so I dropped them off at the sitter CRYING with NO breakfast!! Thank God for Kelli (the BEST babysitter EvA!!) I drove pass the store I saw there were people SITTING OUTSIDE IN THEIR LAWN CHAIRS!!! They were drinking their coffee IN THE RAIN and waiting on US!!! I was OVERJOYED!!! (thank you so much to those CRAZY wild women.....Bonnie, Amy, Jackie, LouAnn, and your "clan" - you really made our morning spectacular!)...oh - i just had the memory of you girls ROLLLLLING on the floor on the paper!! :) I WISH i still had those photos - my hard drive lost them all!! :(
And to all of those women that crowded the store the WHOLE day!! It was AWESOME!!!! I remember Krusty was here with Liz - she bought the PINK rolling tote......all the while looking out the window - afraid her scrubby would drive by and see her van parked outside!!! ....."he works right down the street"...she said - i hope that he doesn't see me here ALL THE TIME!! ..... little did we ALL know that she'd be here ALL THE TIME!! :)
I can remember when Renee would come in with Lauren (her daughter).....she would walk in - NO SMILE on her face......go straight to where she was wanting to go - as fast as her little legs would take her......"do you need any help" - we would say.....NO - i know what i need!! AND BOY DID SHE!! She was a no nonsense cropper and shopper - in and out - there was NO time for chit chat with that girl!! Ahhhhhh, little did we know she COULD chit chat!!! 2 years later we now have a friendship with these girls that will last a lifetime!
Ohhhh, the friends and the friendships that have began from opening this DREAM of ours- is remarkable!!! I have sooooo many things to be thankful for..........through all the tough times and the great times - i am .... WE are so happy and thankful and blessed to be a part of YOUR lives and to have YOU as a part of OURS!! Thank you soooo much for your support and encouragement - we are FOREVER grateful to you!!!!

This morning we were SURPRISED with this GORGEOUS bouquet of flowers from our great friends in Larned!! They have a wonderful scrapbook/coffee shop/cafe there and we are SOOOOO thankful to them for their friendship!! Thank you Thank you Tayleene and Mark, for remembering us!! :)
I also made FOUR dozen of my fabulous Chocolate Chip HOMEMADE cookies for everyone today too!!! So, come out and get them while you can - they're DELICIOUS if I do say so myself!!!
So - in honor of our birthday.....we're having a HUGE sale through SUNDAY!!! Come on out and join us and stock up on supplies for yourself AND for your CROP*A*GANZA weekend! :)
**ALL BAZZILL - buy TEN sheets - get FIVE free!!
**ALL CUTTLEBUG dies - buy ONE get ONE FREE!!
**ALL STRAPHINGE Refill pages - buy ONE get ONE free!!
**ALL Ribbon - buy TWO yards - get ONE free!!
**ALL (in stock) Cricut Cartridges - $10.00 off!!!
**ALL BAZZILL BRADS (any size) - buy TWO get ONE free!!
**Take an ADDITIONAL 10% off ALL CLEARANCE merchandise!
**ALL Ribbon Pull Purses - 10% off!!
**ALL magazines and Idea Books - 10% off!!
**ALL Albums - 10% off!!**ALL Heidi Swapp Products (our favorite!) - 10% off!!
**ALL Alphabets - buy ONE get ONE 1/2 off!!!
**ALL adhesive - 10% off!!
**Glimmer mist, Cats Eye, Paint Dabbers and Stickles - Buy THREE get ONE FREE!!
****all buy one get one items - equal or lesser value!
Sales valid from Thursday June 12th - Sunday June 15th ONLY!!

Now - back to the STORE stuff!! We've got a few new items in this week!!!

FINALLY the much anticipated ELSIE Recipe Cards are FINALLY here!! We've got one open in the store if you'd like to see what all the "talk" is about!!!
The crushed Velvet cardstock from doodlebug has arrived!! these pictures don't do ANY justice!! you HAVE to see it and feel it to appreciate it!!!
The new KI laced Cardstock is here....gorgeous!!!

The new KI "In Bloom" paper is here!!!

Donna.....we have the Paper Gator "blades" that change out now too!!!
MOM and KRISTY were BUSY with KITS again yesterday!! Thought I'd give you a sneak!!!

And shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, this is a sneekie peekie if renee's july's a work in progress but i snuck a picture JUST FOR YOU!!!

okay - that's all for now!!! we have TWO weeks till ganza!! holy moly!!! i'm a little nervous......but that's nothin new!!! Have a great day everyone and thanks for checkin in with us! :)


*Chelle* said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to the bestest place to hang!!! So glad your dream came true and you are there for us craziest of scrappers to be seen!!!

See you soon!!!

Michelle BFBFBF

~BuzyKeriBee~ said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite store!!!! AND some of my favorite people. I too am glad your dreams have come true and wish you the utmost best for years to come!!!
Keep em coming babies!!!!! WOOOHOOO!!! HAPPY 2 YEARS!!!!


Christie said...

Yay for you! It does seem like just yesterday that you were glad for the store and our friendship! Love you all...and those cookies ROCK!

babsbrown said...

Sniff sniff! I still remember the first time I walked into the store... seems like forever ago! I was oh so serious! Didn't want anyone to know how I felt... how much I LOVED the store. Never knew what a blessing it would become in my life! And didn't know what friends I would make through it all! Love you all girls!

Michielle said...

Happy Birthday to the ATTIC!!!! What a wonderful store you have!! You're the bestest in the westest!!! Don't be nervous about guys do an AWESOME job every time!!! Love ya!

Yami said...

I can't tell y'all what all you've become to me in the past year or so. Thank you so much for opening your doors!!!

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Attic Girls
Happy Birthday to you!

And many, many, many more!!!!

3divasmommie said...

Thanks to the children have the happiest mommy ever!!! Thanks SO much for all of your HARD work!!! I will NEVER forget the first day I stepped foot into the store it was...well.. MAGICAL!!!!!!!!!!!

ohsoscrappyjenn said...

You guys ROCK!

thnsw said...

Happy Birthday! You gals ROCK. I will never forget the first day we came in. We came in and had never scrapbooked. We wanted to do a special book and was wanting information and a few thing for 1 project. We had no plans to do anything except on Memory of Nancy (Shannon Mother-in-law)and when we left the gals had us hook/line/& sinker. 2 years later we eat, sleep, talk, walk, & ect...scrapbook and own more stuff to scrapbook than any 2 people need. We love you guys. Your friendship has been a very big blessing to us. You have been a blessing to so many people. God has used you to touch so many life. I hope your store continues to grow as well as the friendship you have.

Jana Girl said...

My attic fam!!! I remember emailing Steff asking her if I could PLEEEZ teach classes in their store and THEN meeting with her in all my preggo glory to convince her I was competent. Well, long story short she let me teach classes despite my INcompetence!!!! I KNOW it's a business, but it's REALLY a family! Congrats on you all on your anniversary! LOVE all of you!

Shandra said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! I have so enjoyed having all of you "attic" girls in my life. It is brighter with you in it. :) Congrats on your two fabulous years in the scrapbook business.