Thursday, June 5, 2008

2 posts in ONE WEEK?!?!?

I KNOW - two posts in ONE week - wth?!?! Dunno - weird!!
Wanted to "pump up" renee's WHAT MATTERS MOST class!!! You can check out her blog for more information as her class progresses - so you can check that out as well!!! (it's the link on the right labeled "drama llama"!)
These are sneaks of whats to come THIS month and a little bit for next month!!! I am SO excited for her AND for this class!! I think Renee has a "thing" about her that is very TRENDY - yet not TOOOOO TRENDY!! kwim!??! She is UP TO DATE with the latest trends - but has contemporary style as well!!! And i love the simplicity of her layouts as well!!! Before you think to yourself - that title of the layout doesn't work for me - or those pictures aren't anything that i'd scrapbook......STOP!! This is what is so fabulous about this class!!! I love that the "TITLE" and "IDEA" of these layouts can be used for SO many different things!! For example....these two layouts are titled "It was a Mistake" and "Gifts and Talents"......we've had SO many people comment on what their "it was a mistake" layout would be.....renee used quitting college as hers...but yours might be a wrong turn on a vacation......that led you to the BEST vacation ever?!?! Or it could be an unplanned pregnancy that turned out to be the ANGEL of a child that you will forever be grateful for!! (that would be mine!) Kristy thought she might put all of her ANIMALS on her layout!! tee hee!!! There are sooo many things you could use - humorous, meaningful, deep or comical - think OUTSIDE the traditional BOX!!!
For gifts and talents - this doesn't have to be about you - it can be a layout for your child, parent, sibling or someone else!!! don't confine yourself to thinking that this class is similar to an "all about me" class!!! The other titles of the two layouts that you will complete on your own are "Perfect Adventure" - this could be a vacation - life - or every day living for you!?!? "Best is Good Enough" .... this could be something related to YOU or someone else - your kiddos , etc......try not to limit yourself TOO much on these layouts - don't go TOO deep in thought with these - I am using this class for my family scrapbook, with the same titles!! I'm trying to incorporate them into every day scrappin' with TITLES!! (i don't know about you but i have a TERRIBLE time with titles!!!) and i am one of those croppers that HAS to have a title on all my layouts - are you that same way!??! IT'S SO HARD SOMETIMES!!!
So - that's it - in a nut shell - come in and give her class a try!!!
Kristy is working on some Christmas in July ideas - some great GIFTS for XMAS for you to start working on EARLY!! So, be looking for that as well!!!
I don't know if I told ya'll this a few posts ago or not - but we have the NEW Paper Gator from Around the Block in!! I'm anxious to hear how much Donna loves hers!??!

AND!!! We just got word today that the NEW KI "in bloom" has shipped to us as well as the NEW Scenic Route "LIBERTY" paper has shipped!! OHHHH and the NEW KI LACED CARDSTOCK!!! I can't WAIT to see all that!!

OH!! and the JUNE LOTM is complete!! Kelli had the honors this month!! BE SILLY!! Those will be available on SATURDAY morning!!!

Renee is working on the JULY LOTM and will HOPEFULLY have it ready to show you in a week or so!!! It's 4th of july themed!!! :) ( i love that holiday! )
Ganza.....whew - we've filled a few more spots - so we're down to about 15 spots available!! If you're THINKING you'd like to attend - better HURRY IT UP!!! :)

ps - i'm working on a newsletter - so be looking for that soon!!!


Kim said...

So excited about Renee's class. I just love her style.

AugustaKLC said...

Ok - I just gotta ask - who did those awesome photos!! Not only does the class look really cool so do those photos!!

Michielle said...

Looks like you've been working the tail off Renee!!! HA!! She has been a very busy little scrapper!! Her new class looks like alot of fun. Makes a person 'think outside the box'. Thanks for all the photos and updates!!