Wednesday, June 25, 2008

GANZA here we COME!!!

it's CRUNCH time around here!!! The phones ringing off the hook and last minute shoppers are here getting those last minute page kit items!!! Are you ready!??! Did you get our newsletter yesterday? If you DID NOT ......... click here and print that baby off!! Get your pens ready to CHECK THINGS OFF YOUR LIST!!!

The shirts have arrived - and i must say - they are FAB!!! I agree - these just might be our best shirts EVA!! (big ol' thanks to Heather Carrier for that!)

The "special" goodie bags are ALMOST complete - i'll try and post a sneak of those - (probably won't - but i'll try!)

With the Stearman Fly-In behind us - (we had a HUGE SUCCESSFUL BASH!) we are ready for GANZA!! MAN - was this hard doing both of these back to back!!! Smyers really has outdone herself these last few weeks!!! :)

So - between the fly-in....ganza and the 4th approaching - i've also had family in from New Mexico this week - so we visited Exploration Place - saw "the body's!!" It was AWESOME!!! Annnddddd.....i'd like to introduce you to the newest addition to OUR family!!!
Oliver P. Thompson!!!
He will be our "attic" dog!!!
He's Shih Tzu ..... 4 months old!!! And SUCH a good puppy!!!! You'll have to come and see him!!

We have received some new stuff in - throughout all this chaos!!!
New Military Paper
New Sports Paper
New Doodlebug Ribbon
We have new kits made for you and we'll be bringing some with us to ganza!!!

As i'm typing krusty is frantically running around the store packing for ganza!! She's in SUPER CRAZY MODE!!! it's HILARIOUS!! She does such a good job of packing everything AND the kitchen sink!!! HOWEVER - if we forget something - you know the drill - we'll be making a run or two back to the store - so just ask her to make a list of things you'd like for us to bring back for you!!!
Make sure and listen carefully to all the announcements in the beginning on Friday evening - we'll try and cover everything early on and that way we're not repeating ourselves - and disturbing your CROPPIN' time!!! KATE will be our WONDERFUL "MC" once again!!! No one compares to Krazy Katie the ScRaPbOoK lady!!! :)

And - last but not least!!!! A BIG BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT TO MY RENEE!!!!
She's TWENTY FIVE ..... on the 25th of JUNE!!!!
We hope you have a fabulous day dear - we'll be celebrating your special day soon!! I promise!!


Michielle said...

Happy Birthyday Renee!!! Wow!! 25 on the 25th!!! (you're such a young little chickipoo)!!! HA!!...I love the new addition to the store....what a CUTE puppy!!! I can't wait to 'hold it and squeeze it and love it and make it mine!!' (I bet it even has the dreaded 'puppy breathe')!!! I look forward to seeing all of you on the way, I got to see some of your fly in stuff last Saturday. I was at my sisters house in Benton, south of the new grade school....we were having a cookout and got to see the biplanes and lots of neat stuff. My dad, a former private pilot and worked for Cessna for 41 years sat 'entranced' on the deck soaking it all in. It looked awesome!!! Love to you all!!!

heather~dawn said...

Yay Renee! Hope you had a magnificent birthday! Only one more day until Ganza now!!! It's going to be great! Thanks for all your hard work ladies!!!