Thursday, April 26, 2007

Yeah! Happy Ribbon Cutting Day!!! Thank you to those of you who stopped by, called and emailed with your thoughts and support!! We are SO lucky!! We had a great turnout and the fountain was STILL running at 5:00 this afternoon!! Here are a few pics from today!

Now, for the special surprise......beginning at 9:00 tomorrow morning and until 4:00pm EVERYTHING in the crop shop is marked down to 70% off!!! And all the clearance paper is 10 for $1.00....GET IT WHILE YOU CAN!!! We aren't planning to have another sale for awhile, so now's your chance!!! But, only until 4:00pm - we have a crop to set up for, so we'll be tearing it all down at 4:00!!!
And don't forget.....Nancy's FIRST class is on Sunday at 2:00 - there are still a few seats left, so give the store a call and get signed up!!! Have a great weekend!!!~~ peace out!


Summer said...
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Summer said...

Congrats again!!!! How exciting!! BTW LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your pink beads Steph!!! Summer