Sunday, April 22, 2007

How was your weekend?!

Man this weekend has FLOWN by!!! Hope you all had the chance to get outside and enjoy this BEAUTIFUL weather!! I took over 500 pictures with my new camera this weekend!!!! We saw my brother and his band "Moving Rushmore" perform in Manhattan at the Battle of the Bands for the Spring KSU Game!! They were awesome - and they WON!!! (I knew they would though)! But, they were AWESOME!! AWWWEEESSSOOOMMMEEE!!! They finally have a demo cd out and I'm going to add a link to their website on our blogspot - even if they DON'T scrapbook - they are IMPORTANT to our Scrap*Funattic family!!!

So, since we don't have any classes planned this week at the store - we're getting rid of some STUFF!!! EVERYTHING in our Crop Shop is 50% off!! IT MUST GO!! So, stop by and check it all out!!! Okay - well, I have over 500 photos to upload and get sent out to family and friends this week, so more to come later!!!!
Have a great week!!~